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Make the Green Rush YOUR green rush.

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 14 November 2017 22:47

It's going to happen whether you like it or not.

Words spoken many times at different times in history.

We are talking about pot legalization, with it comes many changes and many affect real estate and land values. 


Some say legalization is about to turn things around for towns who until now have little industry or income producing streams for it's population.  


Yet not all cities are amicable towards the idea,  some however are welcoming the industry with open arms.   Of course this is where your opportunity lays.  Strike while the iron is hot or  forever kick yourself in the rear.

It's happening now, people are snapping up warehouse space pushing other businesses out.  With flush pockets these green entrepreneurs have the money to buy your property.


Do your research


Find cities with a cannabis friendly outlook, the time is now.  So far there are many cities in the eastern parts of southern California who have friendly attitudes to the coming legalization.


Warehouses for processing, indoor growing are solid investments as is land if local zoning permits for outdoor cultivation.


Land or warehouse space can be leased or rented until it's flipped.  Remember the objective is to flip the property as soon as legalization takes place.  You don't want to hold the property for too  long.  


You don't want to become cannabis speculator or a land lord although that may be the subject for another article altogether. 


Having a negative attitude is going to cost many citiess.


While cannabis has long had the reputation of being a sketchy drug with dodgy characters involved in it's distribution  this reputation is misguided.




Because early prototypes of legalization like the California Prop 215 program have yielded high end cannabis facilities including tasting bars and other high end facilities replete with their own massage therapists, yoga instructors and even wellness coaches.


This is only the beginning.


Expect for cannabis to split from a recreational drug to recreational and luxury cultivar no different than the wine industry.  


Cannabis lifestyle blogs and websites propagate through the internet at rapid rates many even give advice on where to move to have a more cannabis friendly "stoner vibe"  These facts cannot and should no be ignored.  

See the opportunity where others see objections and you will prosper.  

Speaking of cannabis lifestyle blogs we recently interviewed a site owner.  

The site owner at  http://bongrips.org a site which promotes the cannabis lifestyle.  The founder said "there is no question in my mind it will be a high end crop, let me just put it to you this way:  

there are glass bongs which regularly sell for over 100 thousand dollars".


Figures like that cannot be ignored, cannabis aficionados are willing to pay thousands for their coveted flower of course buying property for the coming storm of high end cannabis aficionados will be a no brainer.


Just look at Humboldt County compared to other rural areas in California Humboldt properties fetch a considerably higher ticket price.


  Although replicating humboldt county is impossible, many other counties in California and other parts of the country are doing a 180 on their position on cannabis. 


 Find these opportunities and forever give up your day job.


Unexpected deals when you get out of the car.

Recently while scouring the Santa Cruz California area for a suitable property for a client looking to start a wellness retreat I ran into almost 1 acre for a bit over 30k.

For the bay area this is unheard of.  Of course not being able to pass up a good deal I snapped it up and flipped it for a quick 10k profit whitout doing a single thing to the property.


How did I find this deal?

Simple, beating feet, getting out of my car and talking to people, looking at country store bulletin boards etc..  Not everyone is a techno geek even in this day.

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