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5 Crucial Tasks to Do Right After Moving into a New Home

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 14 November 2017 23:07

Two people walk up stairs (or perhaps it's a ladder) excitedly grasping a couch to bring up it.

You have just moved into a new home. It is a moment for reflection: bringing to a head many months of hard work and anticipation. But before you can get comfortable in your new home, you have a few crucial tasks to take care of first. The following tasks will help you start a great new chapter of your life and prevent issues from ruining the joy of having a new viewpoint.

Get Your Home Professionally Cleaned

Before you start moving your boxes and things into your new home, it is generally a good idea to hire someone to come in to do a professional cleaning job. There may be old pet dander all over the place, or the place may just be a mess. Rather than doing this yourself, hire a professional cleaning crew to come in and get it done the right way. This will make your home feel like a clean environment to move into.

Repair Tile Work

Your new home was a bargain, because it had a few issues needing some attention. Cracks and missing pieces of tile are not uncommon to have to deal with when moving to a new place. This will need to be one of those early considerations, because in the case of a grout and tile floor, you will need to give everything time to settle before you can walk on the floors where tile has been completed.

Have the Plumbing Inspected

You might think that it is okay to take for granted that your drains pass water and the toilets flush. But, anytime you purchase a new home, it is generally a good idea to have the plumbing inspected by a company like Art Douglas Plumbing Inc. to make sure everything is alright. Something as simple as a tree root obstructing a segment of the drainage could easily cause your toilets to back up when you least expect it.

Change the Locks

When the keys to your new home are placed in your hand, do not rest easy that those are the only copy that exists. Chances are, there are many copies of those keys, and that should be all the reason you need to immediately have the locks on your new home replaced. The last thing you want to have happen is someone walking into your home unannounced, because they possess a key that was never turned over to your possession.

Check for Mold

While mold can grow just about anywhere, it is not something you want to gain a foothold in your home. Mold can make some people extremely ill. Even mild contact can create significant health problems for people with high mold sensitivities. By clearing mold out of your new home, the air quality in your home will improve significantly.


Owning a new home will involve a lot of initial work. The closer you get to getting the important things out of the way, the easier it will be to start relaxing and settling into your new place. Before long, you will be showing your new home off to friends and family alike, so be sure to make room for the housewarming gifts.

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