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Take a Look at The Incredible Adele's “Lock House" in West Sussex

Written by Posted On Monday, 27 November 2017 23:11

The community looks on celebrities as “shining example of model”. Whether they’re actors, dancers or singers – these people are commonly regarded as untouchable and superior to the average person. They drive expensive cars and live in luxury mansions. We see them in clothing of the best designers and with luxurious jewelry. Their hair and makeup are always perfectly done. But we don’t realise that all these “superstars” are surrounded by the best make-up artists, stylists and assistants and don't do much themselves.

This prejudice also applies to the celebrities’ homes. The average person moves out of their parents’ home when they learn how to cook and clean by themselves or when they become an adult. But when you’re a famous actor or singer, you easily have the manner to pay somebody else to do it for you.

Below you can look at the spotless and ultra-clean Adele's home. You want it? The residence is available for rent only for ₤2,470 (or $3,500) per week. But you have to know that when living in such a sparkling house, you have to trust a local cleaning company to maintain it always clean and revitalised.

Adele's house, described as a "cottage", is a big mansion with 10 bedrooms, 6 reception rooms and 10 bathrooms. The so-called "Lock House" boasts with multiple fireplaces, hardwood floors and massive windows. The uber-modern kitchen is an open-space with impressive glass-sided staircase. Adele's house also includes beautiful chandeliers, billiard rooms and separate breakfast room. Outside of the house, there is a pavilion, tennis court, pool, helicopter hangar and gardens, approximately 25 acres. The additional staff cottage consist of 3 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms.

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