Christmas Gifts - Maybe a New Ceiling Fan?

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Ceiling Fans for Christmas


Being the owner of a local business and online shop that specializes in nothing but ceiling fans, I’ll be the first to admit that ceiling fans aren’t very high up on people’s Christmas shopping gift lists. I’m here to make the case for ceiling fans, and for homeowners alike, that ceiling fans should be.

Normal Christmas Gifts

Think about all the Christmases in the past, and try to remember the gifts friends and family members have given you. How many do you remember that you could actually use? Sure, if your family is well enough off that your mom or dad, or your spouse gave you a new car you are going to remember that, but what about the other gifts?

When the Gift Giving Begins

Sometimes it begins earlier, but for most of us Christmas Eve starts the beginning of gift giving. We open the first package and find an ugly sweater that we know we'll never wear. We tell the person whom gave it to us,  “Thank you!”, as we act overjoyed. All the while wondering in our mind where the sweater came from, because we already know we are taking it back.

Sometimes, for men, it’s shaving kits from Old Spice. Does anyone really use Old Spice these days? And for women, how about a tupperware container? Hmmm, I bet she really needed that.

Heck, I think this year I am going to get my brother’s and my sister the Squatty Potty. At least then they’ll laugh every time they think of the gift they received from me. Who knows, maybe they’ll use it in secret. Haha!

By now you must see where I’m going with this. Therefore, why not give gifts for the home that last and the recipient will never forget?

There are many items for the home, but helping someone update their old fashioned and ugly ceiling fan, to a new modern ceiling fan, is something that the recipient of the new fan will never forget. It is something they may badly need, but they just haven’t stopped to realize it. And it is surely more exciting than giving them a new door.

But Really, A Ceiling Fan in the Winter?

In most areas of the United States it’s cold out towards the end of December, but in areas such as Miami, FL, the weather is perfect for residents to use a fan outdoors. Even in northern states of the country this can the perfect gift item, because it gives procrastinating family members plenty of time to install their new fan before the weather begins to warm up. It’ll be ready when they need it.


For homes with high ceilings, ceiling fans are extremely useful during the winter months, just as much as they can be during the summer months. They are great for bringing trapped heat back down from the high ceilings. This helps keep the living level of the room warmer so that the heating system doesn’t turn on as much in the house. A contemporary ceiling fan by Minka Aire with a DC motor is one of the best types of fans to use for this purpose, because on low speed they only use about the same amount of energy as a night light bulb, and low speed is all you need when you reverse your fan's direction during the winter months.

Know Your Friends' and Families' Décor Taste

If you decide to give a ceiling fan, just be sure you get one that fits the person's tastes in home décor that you are giving it to.

You do not want to give a rustic farmhouse style for someone that has a contemporary décor. While you will not want to get a victorian designed fan for someone needing one from the nautical ceiling fans style category. Therefore, if you do give this useful household item as a gift, just be sure you don’t just buy the first one you see, and instead make sure you give the right model that fits the style tastes of the person you’re giving it to. But sure you also take into consideration the paint color scheme of their home, and find a finish that fits well with it.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Great Happy New Year

Regardless of what you give (or get) as gifts this year, and regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday this time of year, I hope you have a great time spent with family and friends. And whatever happens, do have a prosperous and a happy 2018.

Oh yeah, and please, whatever you do, do not do this to your ceiling fan…


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