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4 Major House Problems That Can Sneak Up on You Over Time

Written by Posted On Friday, 08 December 2017 00:51

As a homeowner, you have a considerable amount of money, time and even sweat invested in your property. Keeping your home well-maintained so that your investment can increase in value over time is important. More than that, you need to keep your home maintained in great condition because you take pride in where you live. Unfortunately, many types of damaging issues can develop over time that may be difficult for homeowners to detect. However, these issues are much more affordable to remedy up-front before damage becomes widespread.


Water Damage

Water damage can develop because of a minor roof leak, a small plumbing leak, an HVAC system issue or other problems. These are often difficult for a homeowner to discover without substantial effort and attention. Because this issue can continue for weeks, months or longer before it is discovered, you need to be vigilant. Pay attention to your water bill, and be observant for signs of potential water issues so that you can keep water damage in your home to a minimum. Contacting a professional from places like Complete Restoration Services should be the route you choose if you notice any extensive water damage.


Mold Growth

Mold growth can begin in any dark and moist area of the home. It is a problem that is commonly associated with a water leak, but it also can develop because of high humidity levels in the home and other factors. Completing a mold test periodically can help you to discover the presence of mold before this type of issue develops into a widespread and expensive problem.


Foundation Issues

Many causes of foundation issues develop slowly over time. For example, one common cause relates to erosion around the perimeter of the home that may occur when gutters are not present or are not effective. The home’s foundation may begin to settle and shift over time. You may notice that doors and windows do not close easily, or small cracks may develop in the walls. These are only a few of the warning signs that you should be observant for. Remember that it may be cheaper to address a minor foundation issue than to repair significant damage.


Roof Damage

It is difficult for homeowners to identify roof damage until a major leak is present that results in water pouring through the roof. However, roof damage can affect the interior condition of the home, energy efficiency, pest infestation prevention and more. It is wise to schedule an annual roofing inspection to determine if any repair work is needed to keep the roof well-maintained.


While a quality home is built with durability in mind, many of the large components in the home can develop repair issues. When you identify these issues quickly, you can keep your home well-maintained and could prevent unnecessarily expensive repair work.

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