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How to List Your Home for a Quick Sell

Written by Posted On Monday, 18 December 2017 09:24

There are multiple variables that decide how long a home stays on the market once put up for sale. While regional and neighborhood variables do affect pricing and time on market, they are not the only factors. There are a number of things you can do to list your home for a quick sell. In the following guide, we will take an in depth look at some ways you can sell your home as quickly as possible.

Find the Right Real Estate Agent

Having an experienced and capable real estate agent is important for any sort of real estate transaction. A good person on your team is even more important when you are trying to pull off a quick home sale. A good agent should always be available to take your calls and calls from potential buyers. When deciding on an agent make sure you, let them know that you are looking for a quick sell—if they are good, they will tailor their pitch to your needs.

Price Your Home to Sell

While homeowners who have no deadline can keep their home on the market until they get the price they want, those who are looking to make a quick sale do not have the same luxury. The best way to find a price that will sell quickly is to look at Zillow or Redfin and see the recently sold prices for homes in your direct neighborhood. Be sure to compare home size, lot size, bedrooms, etc. to get the best price. After you have a number price at the bottom, end for a quick sale.

Stage Your Home Well

One of the biggest ways to influence a quick sale is to make your house presentable. Have your furniture arranged nicely and seek the advice of your real estate agent. They have likely staged many homes and can lead you to make the right decisions when it comes to the smell in your home, backyard, general messiness etc.

Negotiate with Buyers for Faster Closing Time

Anytime you are met with a potential buyer try and figure out their timeline. Do not specifically tell them that you need to move soon. Yet, it is important that they know you will give a bit more if they are able to close the sale immediately. A great realty company, like Coldwell Banker George Realty, can help with reducing closing times.

For some, the selling process can take months (even up to a year or more). As you go through the process diligently and apply these tips, though, it will hopefully not take so long.


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