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4 Tips on How to Sell Your Property Successfully

Written by Posted On Thursday, 11 January 2018 06:27
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Selling a property in London is something that often requires a great deal of preparation. When you consult experienced estate agents in Dulwich, experts will offer some unique tips on how you can make the entire process a stress-free one.

Usually, January is a busy time of the year for the property market; however, if you are considering putting up the sale sign on your home in the spring season, it is worth it to get every single detail in order. Nowadays, the vast majority of sellers continue to entrust the sale of their property to suitable estate agents. At such times, choosing the wrong estate agent would mean that you might be stuck with them for the weeks to come ahead.

If you are planning to sell your home, here are some stress-free tips, based on the years of experience from top estate agents.

  1. Sell Before You Buy

Will be ready to offer the options from a buyer whose own property if up on the market? Before you put up your sale sign, you need to get an idea of exactly what you wish to buy to ensure your move is a viable one. However, before you make offers, you will need to sell subject to contract. Usually, estate agents would rarely recommend it to their clients to accept offers from buyers who have an incomplete chain.

In some cases, where a homeowner with a property with high saleable quality (most probably a property in the catchment of a top school), puts up for sale in the same area. In such cases, the seller will be able to afford to wait and probably find a suitable estate agent who is keen to offer some good terms to the property on their experience.

  1. Shortlist Estate Agents

People often admit that they choose estate agents simply because they liked their boards and the colour schemes they use, however, one thing important is, you should probably want to be more precise and scientific. Usually, the best indicator of an experienced estate agent is the number of boards they have in their area. But then again, you should not be overly impressed because marketing their services is not the only option to ensure a good sale.

For sales to come up, you will need to make sure that the estate agent you choose has worked with different customers and attended to all their needs. Estate agents such as those at Fish Need Water may just be the right ones you need in your area. Note that the best way to ensure you sell your home is through marketing. Such estate agents could help to market your home and promote its features. In return, this should attract more buyers and save you from the stress of many weeks of viewings.

  1. Decide on the Number of Agents You Need

Beware that a sole agency agreement is often when one agent exclusively instructs you on the sale of their property for an agreed term, often 8-12 weeks. Within this term, the seller will not be able to switch from or instruct some other estate agents. However, if they do, they will have no choice but to pay for more than a single commission.

If you opt for a multi-agency agreement, then it means you have no restriction on the number of agents you can work with and instruct them. Simultaneously, the agents will work on marketing the property and introduce potential buyers who may be keen to purchase the property.

Keep in mind that both of these types of agreements have their pros and cons. The commission rate for agreements like the sole agency is much cheaper, but if you instruct a wrong agent, you will have to work with them for the contract duration.

  1. Be Ready for Multiple Viewings

Regardless of whether you choose to show your house in the morning or evening, working with estate agents will mean you won’t have to let your work interfere. You will need to ensure that the property is also presentable and ideal for viewings. Keep the carpets clean (if you own pets), keep away toys, unnecessary furniture, and the front yard clean.

If you wish to proceed with the viewing by yourself, you may want to tell your estate agent to schedule viewings in the evening, but then be ready because this would not attract more buyers. You should always keep in touch with your estate agents to keep a track on the number of viewings they conduct. If you work through the day, you may want to provide your estate agents with a single key set.

Note that much that takes place during the conveyancing stage of any property up to its sale is all beyond the sphere of activity of estate agents, but their role does not necessarily stop here. A great estate agent will progress with the sale; communicate throughout the process with you and solicitors in the chain. 

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