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6 Rubbish Removal Methods

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Disposing trash by renting a skip bin can seem to be one of those situations where there is no winning.  It can cost a lot, take up too much space, and can end up sitting in the same spot being an eyesore for some time. Well, if you’re looking for a skip bin alternative, look no further. By using methods such as incineration, dump runs, and junk removal services, you will be looking at handling your trash problems smoother than ever before. Here are 6 alternatives to renting a dumpster.


Before you pile up all your trash, douse it in gasoline, and light it on fire, you may want to know that this is not the best method to burning your trash. When many of us think of incinerating trash, we think of bad chemicals that get into the air and effect our planet and the way we breathe. Obviously, nobody wants to partake in this, but there are some good news. Located around the US are incinerator factories that take trash and burn it in a controlled environment. When burned, the heat converts into renewable energy. This is already a great alternative to dispose your trash rather than having to rent a dumpster because it is dable to give back. Now, you still might be thinking that when they burn, there must be smoke right? Not in this case. As previously stated, these are very controlled incinerations. Let’s just say, if you see smoke coming from the facility, you better believe people are scrambling around trying to solve a problem!

Dump Run

Of course, there is the traditional dump run. You or a buddy take the truck, pile up the back with trash, and take it to your local dump. This can be resourceful by not costing as much money, and because you won’t see a pile of trash sitting in the dumpster for a while. It is best to keep in mind that this method is more labor intensive. Plus, it can scratch up the bed of someone’s truck pretty bad so you should aim to protect it. One alternative is to get a trailer that you can load and pull.

Rubbish Removal Services

A great alternative to renting a skip bin is to hire a rubbish removal service. This is especially great if you have large debris or appliances you need to dispose of. You can breathe easy knowing that you saved your time and do not have to risk being injured by lifting very heavy objects. Not to mention all of the things you can do with all the uncluttered space that was taken up by items that served no purpose to you.

Trash Bags

These are not your traditional trash bags. Consider these more like really strong dumpster bags. These bags are very cost efficient and come in all shapes and sizes for being able to dispose of your trash. Most of which will not tear or puncture so you can relax knowing that your trash will not spill all over the place. When purchased, you will want to set this up on a curb, so the waste management company can access it easier. On average, bags can cost from $25 to $40. After you finish putting all the trash into the bag, call waste management and schedule an appointment to pick it up. There will most likely be a fee to have them come out. All they do is lift it away and then your trash is gone!

Sell Your Trash

We have all heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Well, there is no better time than now to put this saying to the test! This can really benefit you if you have wood or old valuables that are broken or you don’t use. People find value in re-usable material. Plus, you can use the money you earn to put towards any expenses for whatever methods you use for disposing the trash. Consider this a win-win. If you really cannot sell the objects, consider donating them if they can still be used. This is a super beneficial way to help the less fortunate.

Recycle Material

Luckily, there are more methods to gaining money for your trash. For example, if you have trash bags of cans saved up, you can take them to scrap yards or recycling centers to get about 10 cents per can. This could even be a good habit to adopt outside of dumpster alternatives. People who have steel lying around in their backyard can also recycle it for some cash at the local steel mill. Just be sure to call ahead because some places might not pay you.

The alternatives are provided to take away the issues of renting a dumpster. No matter what, taking care of your trash is very important for the environment, so kudos to you and whomever is taking the necessary steps to handle their trash!

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