Why Open Houses Are A Lot Like First Dates

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Why Open Houses Are A Lot Like First Dates Why Open Houses Are A Lot Like First Dates
Why Open Houses Are A Lot Like First Dates


Ah, young love… so beautiful, so romantic and so very naïve! 

Let's think back a number of years (or decades - I'm not judging), you’ll probably remember those first-appointment nerves kicking in, making your stomach flutter with butterflies, making your palms sweaty and making you wish that it will work out with this special someone. 

In a lot of ways, open houses are a lot like first dates: you are going straight into the unknown, hopeful and full of excitement!

Who knows? You might find the house that you want to exchange mortgage vows with. 

Just to make sure things are (somewhat) running along, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

Play the field

You don’t have to buy the first house you see. 

How can you possibly know what else is out there?

Seriously, you are allowed to play the field without anyone’s feelings getting hurt. Shop around a bit to make sure what it is that you want in a house and which neighborhood suits you best. 

Your real estate agent should make a pretty good advisor in situations like these and whatever you decide to do, you need to make sure that they know what your intentions and feelings are. It's the only way to create open communication.

Get a high-flying wingman

On the topic of real estate agents, they are the ones who will become your wingman. 

This will be 'da bro' who will know exactly what it is that you’re looking for and talk post-date analysis with you. Tell him/her exactly what you like and don't like!

And before you know it, you'll see the real estate magic blooming into romance in front of you!

Go on a second date

So, you’ve seen a house that you quite fancy beautiful complexion, killer curves and the carpet matches the drapes which means that it’s time for Date #2. 

As soon as those first date jitters subside, you are now in a better position where your eyes see the house more clearly!

Take this opportunity to thoroughly inspect the house and to see whether there are any flaws you ought to bring up with the seller down the line.

It's on the inside, not the outside

Picture this: you’ve seen a gorgeous house, perfect 10, but the inside is more of a 3. 

This won’t ever cut it unless you want to spend a boatload on revamping the place. 

A house can always get new life with a fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper, but if things like plumbing and electrical wiring are faulty, you may want to steer clear. 

Your very professional wingman should be able to school you on this and give you the necessary advice.

Steer clear from the wrong side of the tracks

Yes, we know, ladies love those bad boys but the truth is, they just aren’t good for you. 

A house in a bad area is just as bad for you as a prospective owner. 

You should always bear in mind when viewing open houses that you will want to sell this house one day and if the neighborhood is on the decline or if it is unsafe already, then it might be wise to give it a skip, no?

Think of the future

You are charmed by this house, but is it Mr Right or Mr Right Now

You need to think of the future!

Sure, a penthouse apartment is great and very swanky, but is it sustainable when you want to have kids one day soon? 

Would your family have space to sleep should they decide to come visit? 

Perhaps think a bit longer about the practicalities before you start saying the I-do's.

Let someone know where you are

It sounds very parental, but it will keep you safe in the long run. It is very unwise to go to a house viewing on your own. 

A real estate agent will give you more insight regarding the home you want to purchase and might just prevent you from making a huge mistake.

Keep your time open

If a first date backfires, the first thing you want to do is get out. 

As with house viewings, you need to make sure that your time is open and flexible. 

So, try not to schedule back-to-back viewing appointments if you want to spend a bit more time at a specific house.

Enjoy the ride

House hunting is very exciting and apart from the menial stresses, you should always remember to enjoy every single second of it.

So what if you don’t find ‘The One’ after the first day? 

It’s either going to be a blessing or a lesson!

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