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6 Things to Keep in Mind before Hiring a Conveyancing Solicitor

Written by Posted On Thursday, 25 January 2018 04:47

If you've not heard about what a Conveyancing Solicitor does, we don't blame you. This crop of lawyers works its magic behind the scenes most of the time.


A Conveyancing Solicitor is a legal professional who helps get the title deeds transferred from the seller to the buyer. Suppose you're the buyer, as soon as you finalize a property to buy, the property owner/broker will ask for the contact details of your Conveyancer in Brisbane.


Therefore, it is best to find the best Conveyancing Solicitor for your buck. We have prepared a checklist of seven items that you must absolutely keep in mind before choosing your Conveyancing Solicitor.


  • At What Cost - Conveyancing Solicitors are niche professionals and some of them might cost a bomb. However, fear not and ask for a full disclosure of all the costs involved. Sometimes, there are too many charges under multiple heads that drive up prices. Steer clear of flashy advertisements that promise ridiculously low prices. If it was really cheap, it wouldn't have been a niche profession.


  • At What Credentials - Although it goes without saying, but pick a Conveyancing Solicitor who is an expert in Property Law and Conveyancing. You are within your rights in asking for your prospective Conveyancing Solicitor’s credentials. All legitimate practitioners are registered under the Conveyancer Act 1994, but it is still a good practice to ask, just in case.


  • At What Number - You must enquire about the number of levels that will separate you from contacting your Conveyancing Solicitor. This happens when the Solicitor works in a big firm. Therefore, ask for the number of the direct line to your guy, and also ask for their email.


  • At What Options - We all know about the price against performance trade-off. While the upside of going online is lower costs, the downside is getting the call centre experience where you might be asked to wait for extended durations for even the simplest of queries. Judge your requirements before taking a call.


  • At What Location - While your Conveyancing Solicitor will happily make the trip to your doorstep, there will be times when you would want to make the trip to their office. In this case, having their office close to your residence is something that you must factor in your decision making.


  • At Whose Recommendation - Sometimes, your family and friends make awesome recommendations that might make lists like this redundant. Therefore, it is advisable to expend that option before walking down the road and locating one yourself.

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