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Psychology of Color Used In Home Staging

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 30 January 2018 02:28
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As a real estate agent with a longstanding experience in the business, I have seen a number of perfectly staged homes that have eventually managed to double their selling price. Although the well-known staging tweaks, such as better lighting and room arrangement, leave a positive impression with the buyers, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of color used in home staging. Colors play a major role in helping the potential buyers visualize their future home. Colors used in home staging suggest the home’s comfort, security, efficiency, in other words, everything that the buyer seeks.

Here are a few tips on which colors to use:

The inviting neutrals

First of all, let’s talk about the psychological impact of neutral colors. Since neutral colors easily complement other colors, most of the people find them serene and reassuring. Beige and gray are neutrals that can be used almost anywhere e.g. in a living room, kitchen, or bathroom. Moreover, these colors are a great way to make the room look spacious and bright, which are the attributes many buyers seek in a home. Just by combining any neutral shade with yellow or red accessories, like a flower vase or pillows, your buyers will definitely notice the hidden potential of the residence.  

Oasis of cool colors


Cool colors are everything but cold and unfriendly. Actually, green radiates life-giving energy since it is often associated with nature. Therefore, it has a graceful impact on one’s mental state, especially if a person lives in a colder climate. A green bedroom accessorized with flowerpots becomes an everyday oasis. Blue has a similar soothing effect and it is considered to be one of the most popular colors among the buyers. Stage a peaceful atmosphere with a soft shade of blue in the bathroom or bedroom. Blue is also great for children’s room as it inspires creativity.

Attention, warm colors!

Since warm colors are quite intense, we risk making the room look smaller with them. So, when it comes to yellow, orange and red, buyers love nothing more than seeing these colors perfectly blend with the background, in form of an accessory. With a red vase or some flowers in neutral ambiance, you shall catch the spectator’s attention. Certain shades of yellow are known to lift the mood. Therefore, a yellow hallway or a family area should brighten up the buyer. Another home staging tip that buyers love is painting the adjacent room the same color, thus making the whole place bigger.

Go with black or white?


Black and dark shades on the walls make any room look strict and confined. This is not the way to go. Our goal is to get more space. First thing first, remove clutter. For example, putting away superfluous furniture in storage facilities is a good solution, especially if it is too massive for a small room. However, if you really want to free up space, opt for white color. Even white color can be tricky as it can seem sterile and mundane. Therefore, choose modern warm white in a dining room or entryway to make the spectator feel welcomed.

Some honorable mentions

As already mentioned, certain colors in home staging contribute more as an accessory than as paint on the wall. However, that doesn’t mean they are not as important as the other ones. On the contrary, they dictate the room’s ambiance. Along with red and yellow, we cannot leave out some honorable mentions like maroon, magenta, as well as brown. Perfectly blended with the neutral shade of a living room, these colors accentuate its comfort. Maroon and magenta complement each other in the bedroom, making a romantic ambiance.  In the dining room, maroon with brown suggests a harmonious feast.

What it all comes down to?

In the end, it all comes down to the buyer and his expectations regarding the future home. However, the fact remains that colors used in home staging do affect our buyers on a subconscious level, hopefully, leading them to the right decision. So, help yourself to these tips and help your buyers get their dream home. Invite them with a neutral color. Introduce them to an oasis of cool colors. Warm them up with striking accessories. Make them feel at home with voguish warm white.

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