5 Interior Design Tips to Increase your Home’s Resale Value

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Thinking about selling your home? It’s a decision that is really hard to make but is sometimes a necessary move to take. You should put a lot of time in thinking about selling your home, especially if you have created so many memories with it. You’ve turned this house into a home, after all.

When you have decided to sell your home, you should take steps to ensure that it gets the highest value it deserves. You’re going to sell it, so it’s best that you get the most value it can get.


About one of the most underestimated aspect of a home that is up for sale is the interior design. Some would argue that the new owners would take away everything anyway so why is there are need to make the house’s interior pleasing for them? The answer for this is that the interior can significantly increase the resale value. This might sound counterintuitive but it really does help you get more value for your house if you have invested in a good interior.


Here are 5 expert interior design tips that can increase your home’s resale value:


Renovate the Kitchen and the Bathroom

While most parts of the home are essential to be kept in peak condition, some of the most important to do major rework are the kitchen and the bathroom. Some of the requirements of modern-day buyers are homey kitchens with decent appliances, as well as appealing countertops. Bathrooms should be relaxing and should have good, non-slippery flooring. The hardware and the fixtures for both the kitchen and the bathroom should also be maintained well, too.

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Fix up your Floors

Your floors, though you always stomp on, must be clean and must have decent flooring materials. Though rugs and carpets are quite appealing, tiles and hardwood are some of the best materials for you. Rugs and Carpets are great because they have a unique way of bringing together all elements of the room - for example, they can pull together various colors used in the decor. If you already have hardwood or tiled flooring, make sure that they are neat and presentable. Fix any visible damage.

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Reinvent your Rooms

Of course, rooms carry a lot of weight to the value of your home. Reinvent your home’s rooms instead of expanding your house to cover more area as the latter can cost you a lot more, but might end up not being fully-recovered when you sell your home.


What you can do is just giving your home some minor tweaks like converting the attic to a nice bedroom, or setting up a decent basement. The basement can be reinvented to another bedroom, or possibly a game room, or a home office. There’s a lot of things you can do with a basement and it’s entirely up to you to turn it into something new.


Again, you do not need to expand your house to cover a larger area than it has. What you should do is be creative with what you have now and make the most out of it.

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Paint the Walls

Walls might sound like an ordinary part of a house, but they also need attention, and would definitely pay up when the time comes for you to sell your house. Aside from having flawless walls, they also need to be tidy and pleasing.


Fix any damages, and then paint out the walls in neutral tones or in white, to help ensure cleanliness and a more relaxing feel. Don’t go crazy and try using a different color for a lot of walls, it’s going to be difficult to look at, and might even cause your home’s value to go down. Always aim for having your house look like it’s the best around,

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Furnish with the Right Furniture

Buyers would always want to buy a house that is already equipped with the essentials. Make sure that your furniture is comfortable to use, and that they are please to look at, and when possible, only carrying one and the same design. It pays to be a bit coordinated when it comes to the furniture. Have them use one color of furniture accessories for every location.


But don’t go overboard and buying furniture for your house if you don’t have a lot because again, you might not get the highest value you’re looking at, so you might end up spending for naught.

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We’ve given you a couple of hacks on how simple interior design can increase the value of your home so you can get a high value when you say it. Just remember that you should just be creative with the resources you have and do not spend on excessive works just because you know you will resell the house. You can also opt for home design and build specialists to help you enhance the interior of your home, and you’ll definitely get a higher value for it. 

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