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Creating a More Efficient Kitchen

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 06 February 2018 10:51

Whether you cook all your meals at home or are just in and out of the kitchen, it is a staple room in your home for various purposes. Your kitchen should be functional for you to use efficiently, but should also be mindful of resources used. Upgrading your kitchen to be more efficient will not only ease your cooking and cleaning process, but can also reduce your time and money being spent. Here are a few things to keep in mind to create a more efficient kitchen.

Upgrade Appliances

Older kitchen appliances just do not get the job done as well as they used to these days and lack the energy saving features that can now be found in newer models. Updating your appliances to the latest and greatest will save energy, and save you money in the long term as they are a more sustainable investment.

Energy Saving Dishwasher

You might think hand washing dishes is the most environmentally friendly option, but with the right dishwasher, you can actually cut down on water usage. An Energy Star dishwasher fully cleans your dishes without using as much water and energy, and therefore can also help reduce your utility bills. For smaller loads, a drawer dishwasher is also a great option.

Induction Cooktop

Upgrade your stove to an induction cooktop for seamless cooking. Induction cooktops quickly heat up, but do not actually elicit as much heat as a standard stove. This makes for quick cooking and keeps the temperature cooler in the kitchen. Plus, they look sleek and make for an easy post-cooking clean up.


Bring your refrigerator into this decade as well with a French-door style option and separate freezer drawers. These refrigerator models look elegant but use far less electricity to power. When looking for a refrigerator, consider an option that maximizes food storage and organization, while reducing energy used. Refrigerators that have bottom drawer freezer sections actually use less energy than the standard side-by-side style fridge.

Cabinet Remodel

Consider updating your kitchen cabinets for a new look in your kitchen and better storage options. Glass cabinets or open shelving force you to keep your kitchen tidy and minimalize your collection of plates and containers. This is an easy enough upgrade that can revamp the look and use of your kitchen, especially when you know how to match your kitchen with your appliances.

Install New Faucets

If you are really looking to conserve resources in your kitchen, another easy swap is to install low flow faucets in the sink. These faucets cut down the flow of water and reduces the resources being wasted. This is an easy fix you can do yourself that will increase the efficiency of your kitchen.


Minor upgrades over time can go a long way in terms of helping the environment, reducing your monthly bills and increasing the functionality of a space. With these modern options available, you can make your kitchen more efficient and simplify your cooking. Take advantage of these upgrades to save energy and time that both you and your appliances are burning!

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