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Tips For A Clean Home When You Have Pets

Written by Posted On Saturday, 10 February 2018 01:06


Having pets can mean a never ending battle to keep your home clean. No matter how much time you spend cleaning, there seems to be pet hair everywhere. Not to mention the other types of accidents that come with having a pet. Here are some tips to maintaining a clean home without having to get rid of your pets.


Start A Grooming Routine

The best way to eliminate pet fur before it ends up all over your home is to stop it at its source. This means that you need to maintain your pet. Regular bathing and grooming are a must. This is especially true when the weather starts to warm up. Pet shedding can go into hyper drive as soon as the temperature starts to climb.


Wipe Those Dirty Paws

Have an absorbent floor mat in front of your pet door. This will catch most of the dirt that comes in from the outside. You may also want to keep a towel handy to wipe down muddy paws before they're tracked into your home. This will reduce the amount of debris that your dog brings into your home. Pack a towel in the car to wipe them down with after an outing. You want to minimize the amount of dirt that you have to clean.


Select Cleanable Fabrics

Choose fabrics for your furniture and your home that are easy to clean. Things like low pile carpet and upholstery are easier to maintain. Make sure to invest in the stain guard option. This will make cleaning up any messes easier to handle. You don't want to be left with permanently stained and smelly furniture. This can make the rest of your home appear dirtier.


Invest In A Cleaning System

Have tools that allow you to clean your home in an effective manner. There are lots of products available that can assist with this task. A quality vacuum system will make this task easier. A steam carpet cleaner can even help to rid your home of the smells that are associated with pets. Another tool would be a robotic vacuuming system. You can program it to clean your home while you're away. There are other low tech options that will attract pet fur that accumulates in your home. Use whatever system you're comfortable with to maintain the cleanliness of your home.


Wash Pet Bedding Often

Pet beds can be a source of smells and fur, especially if your pet spends a lot of time there. Get into a routine when it comes to washing your pet's bedding. You may have to do this on a weekly basis. This can eliminate fur that may be tracked into other parts of your home. It can also make the bedding smell better. Consider using an enzyme cleaner to get rid of those stubborn smells. You may even have to replace the bedding from time to time.


Don't Ignore Pet Stains

No one likes to clean up their pet's accidents. It's important to do this as soon as you notice a problem area. This is because your pet may continue to use this area again and again because of the smell. It signals to them that this is the area to relieve themselves. A small mess can quickly become a larger problem. Invest in a good quality cleaner that will eliminate all of the smells. Remember that your pet has a more sensitive nose than you. You may need to use an enzyme based cleaner in order to break down the stain residue.


Indoor pets can make keeping your home clean a challenge. Having the right tools in your arsenal can reduce the amount of mess that is associated with pets. You need to be proactive when it comes to having a clean home. Maintaining your pet, having cleanable fabrics, and having the right cleaning system can make the task easier for you to achieve.

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