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How Often Does a Typical Melbourne Home Need a Repaint?

Written by Posted On Sunday, 11 February 2018 05:51

Our home is probably the most loved property that you own and surely you want to keep it nice, warm and safe!

If you start to see signs of chipping or cracked paint and general signs of wear and tear on your property, then it’s a good bet that your home needs repainting. Whilst the interior of your home can be changed whenever you feel like a new colour, the exterior of your home needs repainting due to its exposure to the elements and the damage that can be done to underlying timber and framework. The home that serves you and your family for years sometimes gets tired and starts looking old and shabby.

And of Course, You Don't Want That Right?

House painting your property will bring new life to your home, making it look clean, fresh and just like the day you moved in. But whilst choosing a great new colour for your home may be your first port of call, knowing the frequency of when your house needs a regular coat of paint will set you in good standing when it comes to totalling up the overall costs.

Even if you asked the best professional house painters Melbourne has to offer, you may not get the same answer when it comes to how often you should paint your home. It depends on several factors that combine together to give you a good idea.


Calculate the Environmental Conditions
The best way to determine how often you should get your exterior re-painted is to note the last time it was painted and estimate the condition it is now in. Some properties that are shaded for the majority of the day have paint that may last longer due to the finish not being exposed to the sun, whilst other properties that are located in dry areas will suffer more from paint chipping and cracking over longer periods of time.


environmental contidion of a home

The best way to calculate how often you want a new lick of paint on your home is to budget for the overall costs and make a decision on how much you can afford. Many house painting services in Melbourne will be able to give you several house painting quotes based on the type of paint you require, as well as the size of your property.

If your property is mainly constructed out of wood on the exterior, having your house fully stripped, coated, protected and painted is an important aspect of maintaining your property. If you do not properly care for your wood, it can turn around and bite you if there are leaks or cracked and exposed timber down the road.

Professional Inspections And Quotes

Some of the best house painting services in Melbourne will inspect and calculate your risks associated with protecting the building materials of your home, and with a multitude of painting services in Melbourne, you will be spoilt for choice.


Consulting with a professional house painter

Regular inspection of cladding, timber work, joists and roofing will keep you ahead of trouble later down the line, so if you ever see peeling, cracking, or chipping to your paint work where you can see exposed beams or wood work, then don’t hesitate to call in a professional who will be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to the best solutions.

Exterior paint on timber is said to last up to roughly 10 years when professional applied, but on walls that are exposed to direct sunlight it may only last for 5 of those years. If you live near the sea or along the coast then a sliding rule of roughly 2 to 3 years is a good guideline as to how regular you must paint your home.


Research Your Paint Type, Inspect Your Timber


Inspecting timber

Glossy paint which is often used on window frames, decking, and doors will need to repainted every two years or so, depending on the type of timber in use. Whilst some of this repainting work can be done by yourself, you should always use caution to do your research about the types of paint being used, the surfaces and materials of what is being painted and the calculation of how much paint you will need to finish the job.


Professional house paint services in Melbourne have all of these skills to be able to inform you as to which type of paint will last the longest, look matte or glossy, offer you a reasonable quote for the quantity of paint needed for the task, as well as the cost of labour for a completed job. If you are ever in any doubt about cracking or peeling paintwork exposing the underlying timber, then call a professional painting service to give you the perfect finish on a regular basis.

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