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How To Use A Handheld Milk Frother

Written by Posted On Sunday, 18 February 2018 02:56

Having a hand-held milk shaker is a blessing for lovers of delicious chocolate and coffee drinks, but not everyone knows how to use a handheld milk frother. Most of us prefer to try a cup of coffee or coffee with milk in our favorite cafeteria or restaurant. The reason behind it is the flavor and texture that promises to give you without any effort on your part. But it is also a fact, which you can also bring the same flavor and soft and frothy texture in your coffee or chocolate drinks, on your own. You must think how it's possible, right?

There may be two ways, or you will need to buy an espresso machine and use your steam wand to foam in a cup of milk, or you may have a milk frother in your kitchen. Milk Frothers can be of any type, manual or manual or completely automatic. Being the most practical, we will be discussing the milk foam or electric hand with battery here, in this guide.

Handheld Milk Frother

People usually feel confused when they are not sure why they should prefer one type to the other. In fact, it all depends on your wants and the method you favor to work things out.

If you have or are interested in buying a handheld milk frother and are interested in knowing how you can make the most of it, we are here to help you.

Basic steps you should follow:

Hot milk

The first thing you'll need is a whole cup of milk to get a soft, frothy fill for your coffee or latte. Think of, total milk necessities extra time to produce foam compared to skimmed milk, but foam produced with skimmed milk will last a short time, while whole milk provides a durable, thick, soft froth and is comparatively Thicker and creamy.

You will need to heat the milk, but never heat it to the boiling point, as it would ruin the texture and will not give you a soft fluffy foam.

Take the right amount of milk

You should always pour about half a cup of milk or a quart of the cup into the pot to be used to froth the milk. It is because, during the foaming process, milk can rise to the edge and may overflow. Therefore, to avoid such accidents, you should always take half a cup or quart of milk.

Insert your Sparkling

Supplement the baton into the milk very slowly. After inserting your inner end into the milk, turn it on. Always make sure to turn it on when you have inserted it into the milk to avoid splashing milk.

Be sure to move the rod slowly and move it up and down gently, but avoid rapid movement of the rod. Also, you will have to take the rod to the top to absorb some air from the environment and get a perfect layer of foam.

Handheld milk frother

Working with the foam to keep it swollen for a long time

Make sure you don't ruin the fourth layer. Or slowly pour from one cup to another or if you have a small amount of foam prepared for a cup only, you can pour the beverage into the cup containing the foam.

All done, now everyone knows, how to use a handheld milk frother. You can enjoy a soft frothy milk dressing in your cappuccinos, and coffee without going to a restaurant or cafes, and you can even save money, as you will not need an espresso for your sparkling work. Enjoy your drink when you need it!

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