The Top Five Most Expensive Casino Properties in the World

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A new multi-million dollar casino has opened in Vancouver which begs the question, what are the most expensive casinos in the world? You’d be forgiven for assuming that the top five most expensive and luxurious casinos would be situated in Las Vegas. This is a destination that’s made for casinos, as it makes gameplay a complete holiday experience. Of course, Las Vegas is home to some of the most luxurious casinos in the world, however the other casinos on this list may surprise you.

Starting from the top, the most expensive and luxurious casino in the world is:

Casino Baden in Germany

The Ultimate in Gilded Luxury

This building is awe inspiring and steeped in incredible history. The ceilings alone appear to have been painted by Michelangelo himself. The gilded architrave and carved details make this an establishment that’s dripping in gold and that’s just the casino décor.

It has been tastefully restored to the tune of $10 billion and covers over 30 square kilometres. On arrival you’ll be greeted with life-size waterfalls and cascades while the chandeliers glisten with diamonds, gently lighting the tables. It’s a feast for the eyes and impossible not to feel like royalty when staying at Casino Baden. It has a luxury spa onsite to add to the pampering and boasts entertainment throughout the night. Unlike other casinos, you won’t find it filled with tourists dabbling on the tables as this is a casino for serious players only. Built in the 19th century, it’s also a very old casino, perhaps the oldest in the world.

The Claremont Club London

Sophisticated Gambling

The Claremont Club is set in a prestigious part of London, Mayfair and took $9billion to turn it into the elite club it is known as today. The impressive building dates back to the 19th century while it’s been tastefully decorated to embrace the charm of its history. The club was originally set in Berkley Square and frequented by a select set of gamblers. The original building dated back to the 18th century. Today it is known for it’s luxurious facilities including swimming pools, an onsite spa and tennis courts.

Casino de Monte Carlo

The Meeting Place of the Rich and Famous

Monte Carlo is a destination that’s popular with Hollywood movie stars, which is why it makes sense that they’re often seen playing at the Casino de Monte Carlo. Like the other two on the list, the money invested amounts to almost $10 billion. It’s situated near Monaco and boasts luxurious furnishings along with a service that’s fit for a king.

Crown Casino Australia

The Most Expensive Casino in Down Under

Number four on our list is the Crown Casino in Australia which you will find if you travel east of Melbourne. It has an elite feel while the atmosphere boasts complete luxury. It’s easy to see where the $8billion has been spent on this casino as it’s dripping in high quality fixtures and fittings. This is the place to be if you find yourself looking for a casino in Australia.

Bellagio Casino Las Vegas

Found on the Coast of Las Vegas

Finally, Las Vegas is on our list with the Bellagio Casino. It’s one of the most famous casinos of the USA due to its huge pay outs and impressive 1000 slot machines. It’s found on the coast in Las Vegas giving it an enviable location too. It’s rumoured to have cost over $7billion, when the average cost of expensive casinos in Vegas is $4billion.

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