Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renting an RV

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 07 March 2018 15:43

How you get to your destination is just as important as the destination itself.

If you want to make memories throughout the duration of your trip, skip waiting for hours at the airport and rent an RV instead!

Unfortunately, renting an RV can be a bit intimidating for a first-time RVer.

Just like there are a lot of things to consider when shopping around for a hotel room, there are plenty of things you should consider before you fork over the cash to rent an RV for the week.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you pack up and hit the road.

What Kind of Traveling Do You Want to Do?

The most important question you can ask before renting an RV is what kind of traveling you want to do. Are you more of a glamper? Or would you prefer to rough it a bit?

There are many different kinds of RVs, and they’re all perfect for different situations. If comfort is your priority, and once you get to the campsite you don't plan on leaving, you might want to consider a class A motorhome. If you want to maneuver your way through the mountains, consider a fifth-wheel trailer.

How Long You Will Be Traveling?

How long you plan to be on the road matters too. RVing for a just a few days means you can probably get away with a smaller, trailer-style RV. If you plan on being gone for a few weeks, you might want to consider something a bit roomier.

What Is Your Budget?

Budget is an important consideration. As you might expect, the bigger and fancier the RV, the more it will cost to rent.

Fortunately, renting an RV doesn’t cost any more than it does to rent a room for the night. As a matter of fact, because there are so many choices, there’s a lot more flexibility with price.

If you find that the trailer you’re interested in is too expensive, you know you need a little more time to save up some extra cash. You can also decide to go with that big RV but shorten your trip by a day or two.

Is Style Important to You?

When you travel in an RV, you can travel in style. Or not. The choice is entirely up to you! However, there are some important things to look for, even if you’re just renting the RV for a few days:

- Make sure the RV isn't smelly
- Avoid renting RVs that contain mold or leaks
- Check awnings before hitting the road to make sure they're working properly

Of course, you can make the RV more stylish by adding your own details! Bring a few decorative pillows and hang photos on the wall with Command Strips.

Picking out an RV to rent should be just as much fun as choosing a hotel! Follow these tips and you can feel confident that you made the best choice for your family.

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