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Different Ways To Sell Your Home

Written by Posted On Monday, 12 March 2018 18:40

Wondering how to sell your house online, from the convenience of your couch? Today, the internet has made it possible for you to buy and sell anything online. You have access to everything that is out of your reach, which opens a whole world of possibilities. If you can buy a pair of Louboutins or Pierre Cardin on a website, then why not sell your house on one too.

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Most people like to work with a real estate agent when selling their house. While a real estate agent does offer you a couple of advantages, you lose a good amount of your profit. There are several commissions, documents preparation fees and not to mention the amount of time the real estate agent will be kept on a retainer.

Here’s a scenario. You are sitting on a couch, sipping your coffee and thinking about unique tricks to sell your house. You come across a website that says “Online Conveyancing Services” and you are a bit skeptical about it. However, when you visit the website, it says that you can sell your house without having to meet your buyer. The documents are all taken care of by experts and they deal on our behalf with the buyer’s real estate agent.

Too good to be true, but luckily you are in for a surprise because many websites are now offering this option to make a house sale easier. Here are some tips on how to sell your house while sitting at your home: How To Sell Your House Online

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It’s the Age of Virtual Tours

Feel a little uneasy about hosting an open house? Why not go with something new and more exciting – as in, a virtual tour maybe? A virtual tour is where a person leads another person by the hand, holding the camera from room to room. You can also add a commentary on the features of the room or just plain background music. Buyers love virtual tours, so if you can make one, it will be a plus.

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Take Artistic Pictures


If you cannot make a virtual tour video, then your next option is to take pictures of the rooms. Decorate the room sparsely and take pictures in the morning, in a warm light glow. Include as many pictures in the album as you can and post it online.

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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Followers Into Customers

Always go for premium listing when it comes to selling your house. This will bring your house to several buyers’ attention. Now that the basics are taken care of, start posting advertisements on social media websites. You have a better chance of gathering more attention, as compared to print advertisement.

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Hire Online Conveyance Services

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When you have received an offer, it does not mean you have to meet with the buyer. Conveyance services will now take care of the rest of the problems. Their basic services include:

  • Dealing with the buyer and his real estate agent on your behalf
  • Liaising with the person who is providing the buyer with the mortgage
  • Dealing with the financial institutions
  • Negotiating on your behalf
  • Preparation of the documents
  • Transfer of the property

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So, there you go, four tips on how to sell your house, while sitting on your couch. These tips will help you make a quick sale, without having to deal with the buyers or any kind of documentation. 

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