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Why You Need an Electric Designer Fireplace for Your Bedroom

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 14 March 2018 00:59

Nothing feels better than indulging yourself with a beautiful designer fireplace and basking in its warm glow during cold nights. Having a fireplace in the bedroom must be one dream come true.

Many have dreamed of or even considered having a fireplace in their bedroom, and many have also given up on this idea.

You can still enjoy all the benefits of a fireplace without the installation, maintenance and cost of a traditional hearth with an electric fireplace. Thanks to recent innovation in fireplace design and technology, you can now keep yourself warm in the comforts of your own bed and also add a dash of sophistication to your space.

Hopefully, this article is able to remove some objections or barriers you may have had in the past and to finally fully commit to having a bedroom fireplace.

bed viewing height

Why choose an electric fireplace for the bedroom?

For one, a chimney or any specialized form of venting is not required with a modern electric design fireplace. In terms of zone heating, the bedroom is the most ideal application for an electric hearth.

Since most electric fireplaces are rated to heat 400 square feet of space, this means it is more than enough to keep your bedroom warm and comfortable. Electric hearths are the perfect answer to zone heating plans.

You can easily control the intensity, brightness and even the colour of the flame, generating a mesmerising, cosy and warm atmosphere that is great for getting some good night’s rest.

Thanks to great strides in technology, you can now gaze at almost realistic flames dancing over your hearth.

One great benefit you can derive from an electric fireplace is that it doesn’t emit any harmful gases or fumes that could endanger your health. Additionally, they’re more cost-effective than traditional fireplaces.

Why choose an electric fireplace for the bedroom

The wall-mounted electric fireplace

Although electric fireplaces come in a wide range of styles and options, a wall-mounted one offers great design flexibility. It often favours contemporary or modern setup, though the surrounds are often available in white or black, which blends in just about any décor.

You also have the option of mounting the fireplace at any height or at a height that viewing from the bed is possible.

The wall mounted electric fireplace

Helpful tip: To make sure that a specific design fits in your space, take some thumbtacks and string. Then, layout the rectangular shape of the hearth on the wall. Don’t forget to measure the dimensions.

This will help you visualise the exact size and placement of your wall-mounted fireplace.

Also, make sure to be familiar with all the available colours in the specific model you like.


Electric designer fireplaces add glamour to your bedroom and is perfect for those long dark cold nights. Imagine looking forward to getting into bed and feeling warm and cosy next to a beautiful fire and not having to worry about anything else. Let the fireplace take care of you.

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