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Many a time, getting a gift card as a present, may not be the perfect gift for you. You might just actually prefer to exchange it for cash instead. Most likely, the card could be for a store that has nothing you want, far from your place of residence, or maybe you simply just need the money more than you need anything from the store. Luckily for you now, it is super easy to sell your gift cards online! Yes, your cards can now be exchanged for cash instantly through a platform known as Paxtradings.

WHAT IS Paxtradings? is a trusted platform to sell your iTunes gift cards. I'm sure there are other online marketplaces that make it possible to sell gift cards, but Paxtradings remains the leading platform in Nigeria where you can sell your gift cards. They buy different types of gift cards, ranging from iTunes Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, Steam Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, Target Gift Cards etc. They also buy Physical Cards, E-codes, Single Big Denomination Cards. You get paid in Naira, Bitcoins and Ethereum.


Now, you’re wondering how to sell Amazon and iTunes gift cards on Paxtradings. There are no complications or complexities on how to sell your gift cards on this platform. To sell Gift Cards on Paxtradings, there are two options. It's either you trade on the Website, or contact them via Whatsapp: +8801700883901.

Trading on their website is much easier. All that is needed is for you to create an account on the website, then upload your gift card. You’d be responded to within 5 minutes. However, if you need a much more communicative means of trade, contacting them via WhatsApp is the best bet for you.

WHY TRUST Paxtradings?

  • Clear your doubts, Paxtradings is the most reliable platform to sell gift cards in Nigeria.
  • They strive to give the best rates in the industry and pay at the fastest speed.
  • This site gives you an offer on your unwanted gift cards in less than 5 minutes.
  • Paxtradings understands that honesty is the key of the gift cards enterprise and will not hold on to your cash or cheat you in any way.
  • Their dealings are 100% fair, as they believe there is no legacy that is as good as honesty.


  • This is a site that is very careful about fraud.
  • On Paxtradings, selling iTunes and other gift cards will never be problematic, in the beginning and after you have it beneath control.
  • Most websites where you can sell gift cards are simply either scams, too slow or with bad rates, Paxtradings is effortless to use. In addition, they offer good rates and support for customers with serious intentions.
  • However, should you decide upon the associate you need to offer your cards to, you have to be very careful: make sure it's a dependable enterprise with an excellent fame.
  • It is highly recommended to learn client stories before working with an enterprise to sell your iTunes gift cards.

On a final note, when you have iTunes cards or other cards, and you want fast cash, just contact Paxtradings through:

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