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Choosing An Electric Scooter

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 17 April 2018 04:43

Electric scooters of various designs sizes and colors can be met in huge numbers on the roads of our vast country. Scooter today is one of the cheapest means of transportation. Electricians came to replace their gasoline counterparts. They are almost noiseless, do not take up much storage space, and electricity is several times cheaper than gasoline, on which prices only grow.

Electric Scooter With Absolutely Ecological

Electric scooters are absolutely ecological and those who use them protect the ozone layer of the earth in safety, maybe even without suspecting it. One charge of the battery allows you to drive up to sixty kilometers! This is a significant distance, especially within the boundaries of the city. And for charging the battery is enough for two or three hours, and the number of recharge cycles can reach up to five hundred! This is enough for the operation of the electric scooter for one and a half to two years. Even if you calculate the losses from using an electric unit during this time, it is still cheaper than if you used a standard scooter that runs on gasoline. Check out electric scooters at where you will find reviews of all the top electric scooters.

Advice: try not to impede the movement of cars on the roads, motorists do not like it.


How to choose an electric scooter?

Scooter is selected based on the purpose of its use. You need to consider the following data:

      * The distance you will travel regularly;

      * Own weight;

      * Road conditions;

      * Type of landing. You can ride both standing and sitting.

The distance you can travel depends on the capacity of the battery. The average distance that can be overcome on a sufficiently powerful battery is thirty kilometers. You can do the way to fifty, this is taking into account the flat road and a small weight of the driver. Battery operation is also affected by temperature. Weight rider can be up to 120 kilograms.

Riding an electric scooter is best on a flat surface. The most negative effect on battery life is during the upsurge. If you plan to ride on uneven surfaces, then the power of the engine should not be less than 350 kilowatts.


The weight

Weight plays no less a role. Some models weigh about ninety kilograms! This must be taken into account. Especially the girls. Therefore, it is better for them to choose models easier. On some vehicles, you can ride alone, only this quickly reduces the battery power.

What is the best time to ride?

The best weather for a walk is warm. It is desirable that there was no rain. It is clear that after getting water in the battery and other components of the mechanism, it can be provoked by a breakdown. And repair the warranty may not agree.

To buy a scooter that works from electricity, at a low price, it is desirable if you have a low weight and you live in a zone with a warm climate. As a rule, they have low power and on such models to go to a busy street certainly is not necessary, so as not to interfere with drivers. Ride it on the sidewalks and specially allocated tracks - perfect. And it's better not to save on your comfort. Electric scooter is easy to control, do not have to learn to ride for a long time. It is compact, does not require large maintenance costs, it is silent. But the most remarkable thing is that you do not need to get a driver's license to ride it.



Remember that you can always help yourself with your feet while riding. If the battery is designed for a distance of thirty kilometers, and it takes forty to drive, then additional assistance will not interfere. When the pedals are spinning, the energy is wasted less, and on some models the engine is completely disconnected.

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