Common Carpet Problems and Solutions

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Here is a list of common carpet problems that homeowners usually face in their homes. Some problems can be remedied easily with proper solutions, while some require your carpet to be entirely replaced. 

In this list, we address common carpet problems that can be remedied easily through simple methods. 

Filtration soiling

Filtration soiling is a very common carpet problem affecting most carpets. It is mainly due to the air quality of your home. As air gets filtered through the carpet naturally, dust, pollutants and oil get stuck on the surface of the carpet. After long period of time without proper cleaning, there is a huge built up of soil that is extremely difficult to remove. 

Definitely, the way to prevent filtration soiling is through constant proper carpet cleaning. If filtration soiling has already formed on your carpet, more aggressive cleaning will be required. 

First, apply a gel solvent to the filtration area. Using a strong brush, agitate the area and work the gel solvent as much as possible. Then after agitation, apply hydrogen peroxide solution to that area. Continue brushing and rinse when done. 

Carpet Fluffing or Shedding

Some carpets are prone to shedding due to the type of fibers that they have. However, if your carpet is not meant to shed, you may have not taken care of your carpet well. 

Taking good care of your carpet includes proper vacuuming and proper vacuum strength for a thorough and non-aggressive cleanse. 

If the problem still persists, then contacting the carpet dealer will be the best way to check on the root problem.

Carpet stains 

Somehow, your carpet is always filled with stains and crumbs of food and dirt, despite your extensive care of it. 

For common stains, apply to the area a mixture of a teaspoon of mild detergent, a bit of warm water and white vinegar. After applying, make sure to continuously rub against the stain for some time. Rinse the stain and solution off, and wait for the area to dry. Then gently vacuum the spot with a vacuum cleaner. 

For more stain removal techniques, you can read these carpet cleaning tips.

Carpet Ripples and Buckling

There are many causes to carpet ripples and buckling - humidity, improper installation, improper steam cleaning, dragging of heavy items across the carpet. 

If carpet requires stretching, then a proper carpet professional will be recommended to do the stretching. This can noticed through ripples on the carpet. 

Carpet Shading 

Carpet shading is mainly due to the carpet fibers being in different directions. It is definitely not a defect, but a characteristic of the type of carpet fiber that you have bought. 

To reduce carpet shading, you can vacuum the carpet in the same direction. Else, the only way is to purchase one that isn’t prone to carpet shading. 

Many times, more severe carpet problems may be confused with carpet shading. In that case, looking for professional carpet cleaners may be a go to option.

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