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A recent study claims that 87% of United States lies in their curriculum vitae, especially exaggerating their work experience, language management, even completed studies.

One of the main assets of the company is always having the best professionals at your fingertips, therefore, it is necessary to have adequate information on the future employees that will be part of it.

At Advanced Research Systems (Advanced Research Systems (ARS) employment screening services) employment screening services we can develop different types of reports prior to hiring employees, for any type of personnel. Among our actions, is the verification of the information provided by the candidate; we study their behavioral antecedents (conflict, theft, theft, mobbing, alcoholism ...); and we inquired about professional loyalty and productivity in previous companies.

However, this type of research often means staying on the surface. From ARS backgrounds we consider it of vital importance to go further, and for this reason we believe that it is indispensable in these times to know data, such as the relationship of the candidate (or his relatives) with companies of the competition, which for you is fundamental to know, with the objective to prevent future security problems with the information that can be made available to the new employee.

We work hand in hand with your Human Resources department in the personnel selection process, even infiltrating a private detective among the candidates, to learn about the personality and real opinions of the candidates about the company ( secret candidate ).

In addition to pre-employment reports, we can perform all kinds of information checks, check references, and act in internal promotion processes.

Verification of labor and personal references

One of the main mistakes is making a contract without first verifying the labor and personal references. These filters offer companies the certainty that they are not hiring problem people, with antecedents such as labor demands, among others. It is important to have work and personal references to verify the experience, skills, and development of the people/applicants.

Through its references, a company can make decisions especially if the applicant was honest or not at the time of providing references How a company can you verify these references? How can you confirm the veracity of these companies?

An employment background check companies can perform and verify references, and can also offer an opinion on whether the applicant is, or is not, viable. This investigation is carried out through telephone calls or email and a home visit.

It is not enough to have a "perfect" Curriculum Vitae and an exceptional presence for a job interview, for companies nowadays they fix their eyes on their history, their work references since they allow the recruiter to have a deep vision of the applicant, and to know if you have the skills of the company.

Advantage or disadvantage?

Although in a process of selecting the labor references could be considered an advantage for a candidate, they are not the main reason for hiring.

"They are a tool to validate the background of the person, which can even provide useful information for the induction process of the candidate and for the adjustment with the company, the leadership and the position"

Do not hesitate, contact us and we will help you choose only the best.

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