Ways To Make Your Smart Home A Safe Home

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Ways To Make Your Smart Home A Safe Home

Crime remains a big problem in our society and it seems to be getting worse. This is why so many tech companies are concentrating their research on home security devices and giving us new products to monitor our homes and deter burglars. By investing in some of these products, you can better protect your possessions and keep your family safer.


Nest Cam

This device was voted the best among home monitors, particularly because the vast array of features it offers. One of the biggest attractions is the live 24 hour video feed it provides, which can be streamed via any electronic device from a desktop computer to your smartphone. Additionally, it features zoom capabilities, night vision, and a two-way audio feature, as well as a loud audio alert. It's easily set up and sells for $198.


Arlo Pro

This home protection product is sold by Netgear and features wireless monitoring, relying on a wifi signal. The system is comprised of a central receiver and one HD camera, which is waterproof and can be stored indoors or out. Videos can be stored locally, via a USB port, or footage can be stored for up to seven days in a cloud account. The system includes a loud alarm, which can be used to chase off intruders. The system sells for $192.


August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock stands out among other smart locks for a few reasons. It uses the existing deadbolt latch and Bluetooth technology to allow remote control of the lock, which is managed through any mobile device. It can limit who can control the lock, but will also allow you to control how long an individual can access the lock. For instance, if your neighbor needs to feed your cat, you may grant them access for one hour. Additionally, the lock can be programmed to lock automatically, when you leave. Similarly, it can be set to automatically unlock, upon your approach. It can be used on an office or home office door, as well as on the primary entry points to your home. It can be purchased for $249.


Barksa Biometric Fingerprint Safe

Some things in your home require an extra layer of protection and that's where the Barksa Biometric Fingerprint Safe comes in. The safe itself is large enough to hold several documents, as well as other valuables, such as jewelry and rare coins. The lock is controlled by a biometric fingerprint analyzer that can remember up to 30 different fingerprints. The safe also comes with physical back-up keys, just in case of an emergency. It sells for $199.


LG Smart Security Solution

This device is used in conjunction with ADT Home Security services and is a comprehensive system that includes motion tracking sensors, security cameras, microphones, and a loudspeaker. The camera is controlled through an app that you download from Apple or Android stores. The system can be used without the service, but you'll only be able to view a live feed. To download a copy of footage, you'll need to subscribe to the service, which is $9.99 for one week or $29.99 for 30 days. The device itself is available for $199.


Skybell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

You may not need a security camera with the Skybell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, which analyzes guests as they approach your front door. Recording images in 1080p video, the videos are then stored online and can be accessed for free. The device sends you a notification when someone presses the button to ring the bell. Controlled through Amazon's Alexa, Skybell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell can be instructed to take photos or record video with one simple voice command. It can be bought for $179.


Technology is changing the way we protect our homes, helping us feel safer with better home security monitors. While these products stand out, there are many more products that can help you monitor your home, guard against unauthorized entry, and notify of an intrusion. By employing these tools, you'll be better equipped to protect your loved ones.

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