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How Your House can Accommodate Several Cars Irrespective of Less Space?

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 29 August 2018 05:42

A garage is a dedicated area in the house specially designed for parking the vehicles and protecting them for direct continuous exposure to external elements. A residential garage is a walled, roofed structure that protects the vehicle from theft and other vandalism. The garage can either be attached to a home or a separate outbuilding or shed. The residential garage can accommodate a maximum of three cars if designed with perfection and good architectural skills. In the case of an attached garage, it typically serves as an entry door to the house.

The garage is important need for ever residential building as it not only provides a room for the vehicle but also enhances the curb appeal and the value of the building. The garage undoubtedly enhances the life of the vehicle and protects the vehicle owner from the expensive repairing cost. Parking the car in the garage not only protects the exterior of the car like wax coat, expensive paint, and rubber components but also ensure longer engine life and better interior condition. The interior of the car such as music system, dashboards, and upholstery, the seat fabric are likely to get damaged by continuous exposure to the bright sun and UV rays. The garage can help maintain the car value in the market and a good condition vehicle can get the car owner good loan amount when applying for an auto title loan.

The vehicle can be considered as valuable assets in case of financial crisis. The vehicle owner can help themselves in the emergency situations when the instant cash is required with the auto title loan. The auto title loan is quick and easy loan process which provides instant cash by keeping the vehicle title or the pink slip as the collateral.

Can you have two title loans at the same time?

Some of the people generally ask if it is possible to get two title loans at the same time when they need more money. It is impossible to get the vehicle title get two-liens; a vehicle title needs to be free and clear before getting the second linen. The two-lien on the same vehicle title makes it impossible for the car to act as collateral. If the family owns multiple vehicles, they can use them to get another title loan. Spouses can easily get a title loan on their own individual vehicles at the same time. But before getting two title loan, people must consider the situations if they fail to pay a monthly payment for both of the vehicle. One must formulate strategy on how to pay the loans off as quickly as possible and it is better to prioritize the loan that has a higher interest rate.

Now coming back to the main topic, one can easily accommodate multiple cars in the garage by making few changes, but dealing with two –title loans demands a good income source and payment is required. The garage protects the vehicle from the uncalled repairing and saves hundreds of dollars. Additionally, it keeps the vehicle protected from theft or car jacking.

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