How to Manage a Construction Project Step by Step

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How to Manage a Construction Project Step by Step How to Manage a Construction Project Step by Step How to Manage a Construction Project Step by Step

A construction project has several factors contributing to its smoothness, and this ranges from the timing when the construction project was undertaken to the other important factors like the efficiency of the company that you've hired. Construction projects are a long ordeal as it often involves several ups and downs in the form of profit and loss. The best and most prospective way to handle a construction project would be to hire the help of Construction companies in Accra.

DataStreet  knows a good project is the result of a sound and working plan alongside several other factors like procurement of materials to timely implementation of the required decisions. The smoothness that can be derived from a construction project will depend greatly on the management that handles the job too. They should not be fractured or dependent on external factors during the job as a sound and efficient working system is essential to a smooth construction project.

Why you must do your part:

The work is not just dependent on the reputation and skill of the company you hire. You must be an equally key player in monitoring and guiding its success. The right way to do it would be to personally handle the overseeing of the construction project alongside the company. You must have the skill and knowledge to quickly and smartly deal with your decisions. A project will turn into a sound investment when you can put in a consistent amount of time in directing and appropriately placing your demands.

The Project Manager has to keep track of progress on all fronts, holding daily and weekly meetings with all deputies and monitoring the progress of execution. The labour force recruitment and the materials procurement are all conducted keeping the contract details in mind. As and when required, the labour team is enlarged in track with progress, which might be hampered by weather or material shortages.


Handling disputes and resolving conflicts are a significant part of the role of project management. Disputes could arise between the contractor and the sub-contractor. The client might have cause for dissatisfaction with the progress of the project. These issues could lead to legal proceedings but can be tackled and resolved by experienced managers at the very onset.

When major projects are coming up related to public infrastructure and sporting events, we have heard of cost overruns and delays in implementation. These would have been hamstrung by the interaction between government officials and contractors, leading to protracted discussions and delays. The World Cup in Brazil in 2014 and the Berlin airport are examples of projects that are undergoing delays. Nearly half of the stadiums for the Brazil World Cup are facing delays. These episodes reveal the absence of an effective communication between the contractor and the client, in this case, the government.

Such examples bring out the importance of planning and scheduling when it comes to how to manage a construction project step by step. Going in for a software solution to project management can be considered by construction companies. All the aspects of a project can be monitored with software applications that can also be loaded onto mobile devices. Apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

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