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Increase The Value of Your Home with a Generlink Meter Mounted Transfer Switch

Written by Posted On Monday, 17 September 2018 08:23

With power outages due to powerful and more frequent hurricanes in the United States, many homeowners are left in the dark for days - if not weeks - in their aftermath.However, with the installation of a Generlink meter mounted transfer switch, homeowners now have the convenience of simply plugging in a portable generator to keep the lights and appliances powered up during and after the power cuts out. The Generlink is absolutely the easiest and most affordable way to be able to power up your home via portable power when the electricity cuts out. Not only will this offer peace of mind to the current homeowner, it also increases the value of your home for the future.

What is a Generlink?

Essentially, a Generlink is a switch/outlet that's installed between your electrical meter and the base unit on the outside of your home. It has a connecter on the bottom side which allows the homeowner to connect an alternative power source (eg. portable generator) when main grid power loss occurs. The great thing about a Generlink meter mounted transfer switch, is that it automatically disconnects from generator power when it senses main grid power returing to the home. This is a major safety feature as it prevents dangerous backfeeding which can cause considerable damage to your home's electrical system. A Generlink can be installed in less than 30 minutes by a licensed electrician and costs are quite minimal compared to the convience of having this backup power provision available to you at any time.

How Much Does a Generlink Cost?

A Generlink can be purchased as a package installation through your utility company with costs running anywhere between $1500-$2500 including parts and labor. While this may sound like a costly upgrade, you should consider that having a Generlink installed will also increase the value of your home while providing a safe and convenient way to power up your home in case of an emergency power outage. In order to find out if your utility company allows the installation of a meter mounted transfer switch, it would be best to get in touch with them before making any hardware purchases. A Generlink can also be purchased online (,, for around $800. If you're purchasing a Generlink from any online or offline store, be sure to check if a Generlink is allowed by your utility company before making any purchases.

How Do You Use a Generlink?

Powering up your home via a Generlink when the main power goes out is quite easy. Steps are as follows: Step 1. Turn off all main breakers in your electrical panel inside the home. Step 2. Set up your portable generator outside and plug it into the Generlink. Step 3. Turn on your portable generator. Step 4. Return to the electrical panel and switch on any breakers to power up lights/appliances of your choice. These 4 easy steps are all it takes to get power back into your home with a Generlink - t doesn't get any easier than that. Installing a Generlink is simply the easiest and most affordable way to get power back into your home when the main power grid shuts down. However, make sure you have a generator that will supply enough power to operate all your lights and appliances simultaneously.

Thousands of homeowners have already installed a Generlink and are enjoying the benefits and convenience of being able to power their homes with an alternative power source. When emergencies arise and the power goes out, you'll be glad you installed a Generlink too.

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