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Every cat lover or owner knows that the benefits of having a cat tree are huge. A cat tree is not just a piece of equipment for cat relaxation and entertainment; it also serves as a vertical area for cats to perch, stretch out, and have some level of comfort, safety.

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Buying a cat tree for your kitty isn’t just a luxury, it also provides a way for your cats to exercise which is quite essential for their health as they grow and becomes vulnerable to health challenges and weight gain.

In addition, a cat tree can go a long way towards ensuring that some home furniture’s are not shredded in cat hair. Other benefits of providing a cat tree for your kitty includes:

  • Security for timid cats:
    If you own a shy cat, then a cat tree is very important because it offers an elevated perch for your cat perch and have a visual warning of an advancing opponent.
  • Increased vertical territory:
    A cat tree with various levels of perches provides an opportunity for more than one cat to share the same space at ease.
  • Refuge:
    A cat tree also serves as a refuge for cats that share homes with dogs and children.
    funny cat tree
  • Factors to consider when buying a cat tree

Before purchasing a cat tree for your kitty, here are the top 4 things to consider

  • Design:
    Cat trees come in various sizes and designs to serve multiple functions. Therefore it is essential to take a thorough look at these designs and know what suit your cat perfectly before purchasing one. Some of them are, offer cradles, cat beds, and multiple perches.
  • Cat personality:
    It is also essential to have an accurate understanding of your cat’s character, size, age, activity level, and climbing ability before getting a cat tree. Tall cat trees are perfect for cats that love to climb; large cats would love cat trees with accessible beds and those built with hanging toys are perfect for cats that enjoy playing at all time.  

  • Cat trees with several scratching surfaces:
    It is also important to purchase a cat tree with several scratching surfaces. Remember that cats love to scratch on carpeted post, woods or sisal ropes. If you do not have an accurate knowledge of the perfect surface your cats prefer scratch, then it is perfect to purchase one with several options.

  • Sturdiness and Durability:
    It is also essential to consider the sturdiness and durability of a cat tree before purchase. You must check the cat tree to ensure that it is built not only to be appealing to the eyes but also sturdy enough to ensure that your kitty does not tip-off when climbing the tree.

Finally, a cat tree is of great benefit to your kitty. It does not only serve as a piece of equipment for cat relaxation and entertainment, but they are built to serve as a spot for lounging, perfect perch for watching bird TV and high elevation for your cats. However, before buying a cat tree, it is essential to consider all the factors listed above to get the best value for your money.


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