Instagram for Realtors: The Basics

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Instagram for Realtors: The Basics KnowTechie

If you’ve read my piece about social media marketing, you likely now understand the value a social media campaign can offer to your existing digital advertising efforts. Not only do over 27 billion people use social media (at least one account), but it’s also becoming easier than ever to begin and nurture client relationships through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn.

I’ve discussed the value of choosing one or two viable platforms for your social media marketing purposes.

Instagram is often a hot contender for realtors in this regard, largely because it is easy to use and it is image-based. Instagram offers realtors an easy and comprehensive way to showcase properties, particularly with Instagram’s video capabilities. It’s also rather hip right now, and “hip” is always good.

If you’re contemplating launching an Instagram account for your real estate business, read on. There are some pro tips out there that will make this launch a wild success.

Set Up a Comprehensive Business Profile

The social media giants make it relatively easy to craft a business profile; even new businesses can build a profile in a matter of seconds. Instagram’s business profile is helpful in that it provides added insights about follower response to your posts—how many people a post reaches, who visits your profile as a result, and how many people like the post itself.

You can also glean analytics from responses to Instagram Stories (discussed below). Marketers can easily set up paid advertising campaigns within the app itself to deliver targeted ads to clients.

When creating your business profile, be as comprehensive as possible. List clear contact information, including your website, email address, and commercial address. Spend time crafting a punchy, informative bio, and don’t underestimate the power of a solid profile picture, either!

Treat your business profile as seriously as a website. It can have the same effect—if not a greater effect—than a homepage of a reputable site.

Commit to Posting Rich Content Regularly

It’s vital to commit to posting regular rich content, especially on Instagram. (The same goes for Facebook accounts.) In general, it’s wise to post four to six pieces a week; this guarantees that your content will regularly surface in followers’ news feeds.

Rumors are also circulating that Instagram “penalizes” people who aren’t active by making their content less visible in news feeds. This has yet to be verified, but it’s worth staying active just in case.

What does rich content look like? Think engaging, concise, and professional. All images should be clear and well-shot—professional, if possible—and your captions should be easy to skim, perhaps with a call to action.

Showcase existing properties, new team members, and images from your surrounding community. Aim to strike the same tone in your posts, too—consistency is key in this regard and aids in developing a solid branding image.

Make the Most of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are 24-hour-only photos or videos that followers can glimpse. They appear at the top of news feeds in a stream of profile images. Make the most of these, as they can earn more clicks than individual posts due to their prominence.

In particular, make the most of video stories. Clients are more likely to respond to video content, after all, especially if it’s live and engaging! Use stories as a chance to showcase aspects of certain properties, send a shout-out to a team member, or address clients directly.

Hashtag It

Hashtags do matter, and it’s wise to choose appropriate ones for every post you upload. Treat hashtags much like keywords for an SEO campaign—choose comprehensive ones, a mix of long- and short-tail, to encompass your ideal clients’ needs and wants. With Instagram, aim for a nice balance of general and specific hashtags.

You can also search hashtags to see what other content is surfacing for your favorites. Use this as a means to research potential audiences and keep pace with competitors. Whether you are promoting ski chalets or luxury condos, it’s imperative to cater to your specific audience.

Above all, Instagram should be seen as a digital marketing tool, but it’s also a channel for client communication. Enable messaging to connect with clients and treat the app as an opportunity for community engagement. Good luck! 

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