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Kitchen Improvement Ideas - Create a Cooking Oasis

Written by Posted On Thursday, 27 September 2018 10:30
Kitchen Improvement Ideas - Create a Cooking Oasis Kitchen Improvement Ideas - Create a Cooking Oasis Kitchen Improvement Ideas - Create a Cooking Oasis

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Therefore, you should keep it tidy and organized all the time. While that is every homeowner’s wish to have an appealing kitchen, this wish does not always come true. This post is going to change that. With creative and practical kitchen improvement ideas, here is how you can get the spice of your kitchen back, and make you want to spend more time there.


 Kitchen Improvement Ideas

kitchen improvement ideas fun backsplashThrow a Backsplash on the Food-Prepping Zone

A backsplash on the food-prepping area will go along way to light up a rare spark of attraction in your kitchen. You could go with subway tiles and have limitless choices of decorations. This is not only attractive but will also last longer as well leave you a lot of room for customization.


Give the Kitchen Cabinets a New Coat of Paint

You do not need a kitchen overhaul to return the glitter to your very important room in your home. With a new coat of paint,your cabinets will breathe new life into the kitchen. You do not need to be a pro painter to pull this one off; with a little creativity, you will take care of everything. Go for neutral hues, or if you want something bright, white shades are worth the try.


Create an Island in Your Kitchen

An island in my kitchen! How is that even possible? Take it slow; no matter the size of your kitchen, you can create your own quiet space to sip your glass of wine as your food gets ready. 


Open Up and Update.

It is time you let go the idea of upper cabinets. They make your small kitchen feel even smaller. In their stead, install open shelves - not so high and not too low. They give the illusion of space, and for once you will feel more comfortable in your kitchen.

kitchen improvement ideas new appliancesUp the Game With Your Appliances

If you are still using those appliances you inherited from your parents, you are doing your kitchen a big injustice. It is time for an upgrade to make your home more energy efficient. In your list, you should go for an energy-star rated fridge, a modern dishwasher, and a microwave. You will not only be making a bold step towards energy-efficiency but also taking a massive step towards a modern kitchen without breaking your bank account.


Create Some Room For a Cozy Nook

Who said you could not have some working space relaxing area in your kitchen? You can, by creatively turning that empty corner into a comfortable nook. To create a spot you can wind down after a hard day at work; throw in a few plump pillows to amplify the comfort. This is one spot you can have a nap, take down your bottle of wine, and no one will disturb your peace. If you are comfortable with, it you can invite your guests to have a look at your kitchen from the comfort of your nook. It is a smart way to show off.


Turn Your Attention to the Floor

The traditional hardwood floor comes with a fair share of its tribulations. It is high time you made things easy on your flooring. Go for the wood-like vinyl or settle for ceramic tiles. They add beauty to your floor while at the same time take away the maintenance burden off your shoulders. You will no longer have to worry about the oily broth spilling all over the floor; a single swipe of the mop will clean it all.


Remember, Little Things Make a Huge Difference

Whatever goes down in your kitchen reflects your personality. You do not want guests thinking of you as messy and untidy, do you? Add some décor in your kitchen. A few hooks to hang your mugs and cups would be a great idea. Throw in one or two garden planters as well as a clock on the wall.Kitchen improvement ideas can go beyond the typical countertop replacements. 


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