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Apartment Moving Tips To Keep In Mind When Relocating

Written by Posted On Friday, 28 September 2018 02:05

Moving is stressful, and packing is an art! Smart packing deters a considerable chunk of your stress associated with moving. One of the most challenging phases of moving is packing and if not done correctly, causes a massive loss of money. Different items require different packing techniques. Given below are some of these techniques and also some tips to pack efficiently.

1. Get high quality moving boxes for free:

You can get boxes of high quality free of cost from places like liquor stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, bookstores, and recycling centers. You can also ask for moving boxes from any of your neighbors or relatives who shifted recently.

2. Load your furniture:

Utilize furniture which has drawers to store small things. You can save a significant amount of space by doing so.

3. Pay attention to furniture with handles:

Furniture with handles causes inconvenience as not only do they occupy extra space but also scratch other items during its transit. Therefore, unscrew the handles and re-screw them inside the furniture.

4. The correct method of packing breakable items such as plates, mirrors, picture, and TV:

Pack the dishes vertically, use the original box of the TV to pack it, pack mirrors and picture frames separately. Wrap all these items with bubble wraps to provide padding.

5. Utilize towels and sheets to pack fragile items:

You can use the towels and sheets if you run out of bubble wraps or such packing material. Towels and sheets are already available at home, and you need not invest a lot in bubble wraps.

6. Pack clothes efficiently to save time:

The easiest way to pack your clothes is to pack them on hangers, zip-tie all these hangers, and wrap the whole lot in a plastic wrap. This saves the time of removing them from the hangers, folding them, unfolding them again after reaching your new home and arranging them back to the hangers after reaching.

7. Use color codes while labeling the boxes

If you want to identify which room the contents of the box belong to in a glance, using color code is the best solution. All you have to do is pick a color for each room and stick the same color on the box. You can either use colored paper or colored tapes to do this. Label the door of each room with that corresponding color to avoid confusion. Using color codes in addition to the general labeling of the boxes can help you locate them quickly and fasten the unpacking process.

8. Fill the holes on your walls with soap bars

Rub a bar of soap until the hole is filled to prevent a substantial amount of money getting cut from your deposit. This is a must if you are renting and you have a difficult landlord.

Remember to plan way before your move to avoid any hustle at the last minute. We at Move My Stuff are in removal business for over a decade and very well understand the stress one has to handle when it’s about moving house or office. To ease your moving worries, we selected the most necessary moving tips which can save your time and money to a huge extent.



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