How To Keep Your Hardwood Floor Neat & Clean

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The hard floor gives your home a classy and attractive look. There are a few types of floors that are more stylish.

However, most homeowners are avoiding the hardwood because they believe that cleaning the wood takes too much effort The good news is that you can still give your home an elegant look you need.

These cleaning methods help to clean all kinds of hardwood.

1. Cleaning the floor regularly means that you need to invest in dust mops to keep your hardwood floors clean. These are mop treated with a dusting agent to remove nasty dust and pet hair. Cleaning every day with a dust mop, it shines. If you want to get down on your hands or knees, use an electrostatic cloth to clean the floor. These disposable cloths can be found at any discount store. Do not use a beater-brushed vacuum cleaner that is not designed for rigid floors. These leave an ugly scar behind.

2. Use Area rugs and runners-consider using area rugs or runners. Place the area rug in the femoral traffic area. Help them catch loose dirt particles that leave scars. Putting them at the entrance is not a practical idea. Because washing is always easy to rot. Place a floor mat instead. Carpet Runner is a great alternative to area rugs. Use them in your home living room, dining room, and other places to maximize traffic.

3. Use a damp mop every week-some people mistakenly believe that you should not mop your hardwood floor. You don't want to leave scars on the floor, but you still need to make sure that it is clean. Clean once a week and moisten with a damp mop. Do not use a mop with a drop of water. The floor is made up of real wood, which is unable to absorb too much moisture. If the moist mop does not remove the sturdy stain, use cloth and mineral spirits to clean the stain.

4. Be careful not to leave a scars-another way to clean the hard floor is to leave no scars. This is not a cleaning activity itself, but it is clean and shines. Even if you're cleaning, the scars will ruin the look of your hardwood floor. Place the table on the furniture. Don't try to drag your furniture onto hardwood floors or wear shoes. Some shoes or something and they dished out your floor.

5. Pay attention to the finish of your floor-the last, but the most important tip is to pay attention to the finish. Be sure to know exactly what finish the manufacturer used to coat the floor. Different finishes have different cleaning needs. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations to thoroughly clean the floor. ...

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