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The roof happens to be one of the main components of any residence and it will help to effectively safeguard the house from any adverse climatic condition. Moreover, it helps to enhance the value of your property significantly. At present, you will come across different types of roofing materials out there and you need to take into account several essential factors so as to decide which one to go for. Element Exteriors recommends to opt for a material which will be able to reflect heat effectively particularly in case you reside in sultry weather conditions. In the following paragraphs, we have provided an in-depth look regarding what materials you should look for so as to construct the best roof for hot climate.

1. Terracotta:

We have been using this particular material as well as clay for the last few decades. In fact, terracotta is ideal for hot weather conditions thanks to their cold nature. Being extremely heat-resistant, they will help to keep your residence safe from the scorching sun rays. Moreover, they are extremely resilient and will serve you for a long time to come. Apart from this, they are likewise quite attractive as well.

One more reason why terracotta will help you to prevent heat happens to be the cutting style of the tiles. Applying the tiles in the proper manner will help to leave some small air pockets between them which will permit the easy circulation of heat and water which, in turn, will not allow heat to accumulate on the roof's surface.

2. Slate Tiles:

At present, slate tiles have become immensely popular across the world thanks to their fantastic reflective properties which aid in resisting heat significantly. However, bear in mind to always install light colored tiles so as to improve the heat resistance. Interestingly, more heat tends to be absorbed by dark colors. On top of this, slate tiles will be accountable for imparting a sophisticated appearance to factories as well as workplaces.

When it comes to the negative aspects, these tiles happen to be a bit costly as compared to the other types of roofing materials out there. Also, it is somewhat challenging to move them around because of their weight.

3. Green Roofs:

Besides looking extremely alluring, green roofs are likewise quite eco-friendly. The main reason for feeling extremely hot within your residence happens to be environmental pollution. As a matter of fact, the dark materials which are used outside the house are responsible for absorbing heat. However, this issue can be solved by installing plants on rooftops.

On some occasions, a waterproof membrane is installed by the experts on the surface of the roof which will not allow the water to affect your house's structure. Moreover, plants will help to enhance the quality of air by releasing oxygen. Nevertheless, it can be quite challenging to install a waterproof membrane on your own. In fact, your deficiency of skill as well as experience might result in your house getting damaged.

4. Solar Cells:

It will be possible to keep the interior of any commercial establishment cool by using solar cells. The primary reason that makes them superior to other roofing materials is their capacity to store heat. They are able to store sunrays which can be utilized afterward for providing energy to perform your daily chores. For example, it is feasible to operate any electrical equipment without the need of paying a significant amount of electric bill.

Solar roofs will come of use in hot climatic conditions including areas which receive lots of sunrays. You will find them in many different styles as well which will help to enhance the attractiveness of your residence.

5. EPDM:

This material happens to be synthetic rubber which will be able to prevent heat from entering into your office building. Given that regular rubber material isn't an effective insulator, EPDM is prepared by the professionals from a heat-resistant membrane so as to improve heat insulation. Moreover, being extremely resilient as well as lightweight, EPDM is going to serve you for quite some time.

6. Metal Sheets:

Before, we had the wrong notion that a metal roof is not appropriate for any hot climatic region. However, metal itself is resistant to heat apart from being quite resilient. Make it a point to go for any light-colored metal which will deliver you better results. Besides being resistant to heat, metal is quite inexpensive as well.

7. Concrete Tiles:

This particular material will allow you to keep your residence as well as office cool during the hot summer days. Moreover, apart from its competence to resist heat, it does not require maintenance on a regular basis. Being extremely resilient, concrete tiles are going to serve you for decades and sometimes even centuries.

8. White Tiles:

It will be feasible to enhance heat insulation by applying white tiles on your roof. This material has the ability to reflect heat effectively and is usually manufactured from fibers, cement, elastomeric material, and ceramic. In fact, you can always expect white tiles to safeguard your residence for a long time to come thanks to their durable characteristic.

There are many decisions to be made when building or renovating your home, but this guide will show you what to keep in mind when choosing materials to create the best roof for hot climate. 

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