Help! I’m Stuck In A Timeshare!

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Most couples don’t know the actual costs of a timeshare property--and need a timeshare exit.


There you are--on the verge of buying your first house or planning for a bigger apartment or condo, and you realize that you need help getting out of a timeshare contract, and you don’t want the yearly visit or the cost. Before signing on the dotted line you didn’t ask, “what are the actual costs of a timeshare?” Now that those costs are encroaching on housing plans, it’s not clear what you should do.


For many couples, either pre-kid or pre-mortgage, that vacation timeshare seemed like a great idea at the time. Times have changed, however, and as you face your late 20s or early 30s, you realize that a timeshare is not only a bad investment, but a black hole for your money and anxiety about money each year.


So what do you so? What are the actual timeshare costs that need assessing?


Rent, sell, or share


You could give away your time each year to family or friends. And they may appreciate it! But the reality is that you need to focus on local real estate rather than vacation real estate. And the maintenance fees alone on your timeshare are digging into your budget. You have the options of renting, selling, or sharing your timeshare property or the vacation time you originally planned on. You just need some help in doing so.


Just say no to foreclosure


Whatever you do, don’t cause another seven-year-wait on a foreclosed property. Don’t just do it. This will hurt your credit score and look foolish to banks. The best thing for timeshare properties is to get help in getting out of a contract or selling your property. Plenty of renters and young couples have sold off their timeshare properties or found a way to escape the yearly fees.


Say yes to different vacation destinations


By all means you should enjoy your timeshare before considering a timeshare exit. Really. If you’re paying for it, enjoy it one last time while considering different states and estates for those precious vacation weeks. There is no shame in taking advantage of “your” property and time that you paid to share. Just keep in mind that this won’t make sense financially unless you have the wealth to squander on a property that is only 1/52nd yours. And if you have that kind of wealth, there are plenty of properties to invest in, and plenty of vacation destinations to visit cheaper than a timeshare in Florida.


If you need a team of timeshare experts and advocates, consider Primo Management Group to help you sell, cancel, or rent your timeshare. There is nothing better than a plan to get out of a bad investment. And they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

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