What to Do When You Just Can’t Find a House You Love

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A home is one of the most expensive purchases most people will ever make. It makes sense then that you don’t want to spend nearly a quarter of a million dollars or more on something that you don’t really love. But finding a house that you really love is not always possible. In addition, sometimes, you may find a house that you love, but it’s out of your price range or too far away from where you need it to be or your lender won’t approve a loan for it. Whatever the reasons, if you can’t find a house that you love that you can actually buy, here are 4 other things you can do.


Markets are always changing and new properties come on the market almost every day. Sometimes, markets are sluggish and it may take a bit longer than you wish, but it’s better to wait and get something you really love than to spend a small fortune to live in a home you don’t really love. Waiting may not be an option for some, but if at all possible, it’s better to wait and get the right home than rush into a home you don’t love just to have something.

Expand Your Search

With so many homes available, one of the first things prospective buyers have to do is narrow down their search to make their options more manageable. If you can’t find what you are looking for based on narrow parameters, however, you may need to widen your search parameters. Perhaps you might consider a different city, town or area of town, a slightly larger or smaller home or even a home in a slightly higher or lower price range.

Build Your Own

You may think custom built homes are only for the very wealthy or that it is harder to get a loan for a custom-built home. While both of these things may have been true at one time, they are no longer. With a greater number of pre-fabricated materials available, custom-built homes are more affordable than ever before. When you decide to build a home, you can put your own signature touch on your home right from the start.

Find a Home You Like and Make It One You Love

Many times, the features keeping buyers from loving a home are fixable ones. For instance, if you really love the location and the exterior, but want something with a more open floor plan, that can be fixed. Perhaps you would rather have a 3-bedroom home with larger bedrooms than the 5 small, cramped rooms a home you otherwise like has to offer. That too can be fixed. If you need to buy a home right now, find one you like and make it one you love.

There are a number of significant costs involved in buying a home and you generally lose significant equity if you turn around and sell your home too quickly. While it is always possible to sell a home you find you really don’t like, it can cost you dearly. It is far better to wait and get the right home—or simply build your own—than to jump too hastily into a home you really aren’t that happy with.

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