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Drapes or Blinds - Which is Easier to Clean?

Written by Posted On Monday, 29 October 2018 08:28
Drapes or Blinds Drapes or Blinds Drapes or Blinds
Regardless of how lovely the windows in your home have been designed to look, there are times when they need to be covered up. Because while those floor lenghth windows may give you a gorgeous view, leaving them constantly open can damage your furnishings and even allow harmful ultra violet rays hurt your skin. Plus lack of privacy.
What most people do is outfit their windows with some type of covering. Some of which have more benefits than others though, so reading forward, you'll be learning about windowing coverings, and whether you should choose drapes or blinds

 Drapes or Blinds

You'd find them in almost every type of residential and office buildings, nation wide. They have a bottom rail, a head rail and slats that can be adjusted, in increasing levels. So if you want partial closure, you can adjust the blinds in that direction. 
● They're a relatively cheap window covering, at least compared to drapes. If you go with either aluminium or faux wood blinds, you won't have to sacrifice aesthetics. 
● It's easy to fit a blind into the recess of the window, in case you're short on space. So if you have very limited space, this could work for you. 
● They're very easy to clean - you can simply dust or vacuum your blinds.
If what you have in your home completely insulates you from prying eyes, the sun, or the harsh effects of winter, then you can use drapes. They're known for being thick and long, and can protect your privacy.  
● Because of how thick they are, drapes can protect a room from the harshest weathers and provide SOME sound proofing. 
● Regardless of how decorative they are, drapes always look formal, which is why you'd find them in most living and entertaining rooms. 
  • ● There are also thermal drapes that can help keep cold air out during the winter.
When deciding between drapes or blinds, Rapid Blinds says some factors to look out for include the amount of space you have, how much protection from the sun you need, your budget and the function of the living space. Answer these questions and you'll be pretty certain about whether to go with drapes or blinds.
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