Skylight Leaks When it Rains - Common Scenarios

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Skylight Leaks When it Rains Skylight Leaks When it Rains Skylight Leaks When it Rains

What creates skylight leaks when it rains? As a homeowner, a leaking skylight brings about a lot of worries. Every proud home homeowner cares about the structural integrity of their home, and freaks out whenever he/she thinks of a major repair. Luckily, a leaking skylight is not always a disaster, and it can be fixed.

To prevent future leaks, it’s important to know the root cause of your problem in the first place. Knowing the cause can help you improve your abilities as a hands-on homeowner by providing you with information concerning proper preventative maintenance and safety.

Skylight Leaks When it Rains

Attic Condensation – In most scenarios, you may think that it’s your skylight that’s leaking, but in the real sense it’s a problem with the attic. Poor attic ventilation can result in excess moisture build up in your house. This moisture will then condense inside your skylight whenever it rains due to the low temperatures caused by rainfall. The condensed water will start dropping on the floor or seeps into your walls and ceilings.

Broken Skylight Shingles – Cracked and broken skylight roof shingles is a common cause if a skylight leaks whenever it rains. If your skylight has broken surrounding shingles, you need to repair them immediately to prevent further damage.

Clogged Gutters - When the gutters around your skylight are clogged, they can’t direct the rainwater away from the roof. These clogged gutters result to water buildup underneath shingles, which causes your skylight to leak.

Cracked Skylight Flashing – Sometimes your skylights may be in pretty good shape, but the flashing around them can be the leading cause of roof leaks. Cracked skylight flashing is among the most common causes of leaky skylights.

Defective Skylights - When your skylights are not well installed or sealed, they can lead to roof leakage whenever it rains. Worn sealants, improper installation, cracked glass, and defective skylight problems need to be repaired immediately.

Ice Dams – During winter, ice dams form on roofs. These ice dams may break your skylights if it has a poor drainage system.

Poor Sealing of Skylights During Installation -- The V-shaped valley that’s created when two skylights are joined is a common area for water to pool. As a result, water may start leaking into your house. For this reason, proper sealing is important in preventing water penetration. If your skylights were poorly sealed, a leak can occur.

Natural Wear and Tear – Wear and tear is every exteriors enemy. Over some time, skylights will undergo several types of wear and tear. This can also result in leaking whenever it rains.


What happens if a skylight leaks when it rains? There are a few different factors that can cause a leak. A quick repair can save you a significant home repair bill that can result from a leaking skylight. Better yet, performing regular maintenance will save you a lot when it comes to fixing skylight leaks.

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