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How To Market Your Catering Business

Written by Posted On Thursday, 08 November 2018 22:20

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Creating your own catering business needs the right marketing plan. You need to create the right strategies to be able to compete with your competitors while also delivering quality food to grow your business and name even more.

One problem for startup businesses and even those that are established in the catering business is setting up a place where they can actually cook. If it is quality food that you are after and not use your kitchen anymore, you will need to just rent a commercial kitchen.

While you can argue that you can just use your kitchen for the time being but if you are really serious in growing your catering business, it is just natural that the next step is to find the right space to cook your menu. Aside from that commercial kitchen space, you will need to also create the right marketing business

Do some research. If you can hire a marketing consultant, then do so, but if not, you can do your own research. You will need to research your competitor. Where they mostly serve, their sample menus, products and offerings, booking information, and so on. The more you know about them, the more likely you can compete with them.

Contact venues. Provide popular venues and even those that are less popular with quotes and samples of your dishes and what you have to offer if they get your services.

Reach out to other even specialists. Build relationships with other even specialists that can show you where the events are going to be and who should be needing a caterer soon. Create possible partners with event planners, rental agencies, photographers, florists, and so on as they have access to possible clients that you can slider

Your location is important. While creating the right marketing plan is essential, you will also have to focus on where to place your business. Make sure that your location is in the right spot so cooking and your deliveries will be easy.

Also, your city may not allow the preparation and production of a large food menu in your home, which means you will need to find the right commercial kitchens to rent. Start-ups and even established caterers are known to relying on a commercial kitchen as they can save more time and resources than building their own infrastructure for the kitchen.

These commercial kitchens to rent come in different sizes so whether you want to focus on large production or just want to have a small kitchen this option is open for you.


Dephna Group is a family run enterprise and is known for providing state of the art kitchens and cold room spaces to various businesses. Servicing their clients for more than 40 years, they are now the oldest and largest provider of commercial kitchens and refrigerated cold room spaces in London.

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