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Decorating A Home For The Winter Sales Markets

Written by Posted On Friday, 09 November 2018 12:18

Getting a house ready to sell takes a lot of effort and careful thought. The seller needs to see the home through the eyes of potential buyers. Any home seller wants to make sure all the details are just right before they begin the process of opening their home to others. One important consideration is the season when the house is first being placed on the market. Winter is a great time to sell a house. Fewer homes generally are for sale in most area so motivated sellers tend to act quickly when they see the right home. All sellers should do all they can to show off their home's best features. One way to bring in buyers is with the right home decor. A well decorated home that takes full advantage of the beauty of the winter season is likely to attract buyers poised and ready for a fast closing.


Using Color and Texture

Color and texture are a crucial part of any home decor plan. Color calls people in and keeps them there. In winter, bright and warm colors bring people in the home from the second they see it. Vibrant shades such as red and orange work well on the walls and tie in well with the overall holiday season. Add contrast with subtle shades of green and brown as trim on the floors. The same is true of the use of textures at this time of year. For example, items made from fleece fabric feel pleasing under the fingers and add a sense of warmth. Place a large fleece throw across the back of the couch. Other fabrics also work well inside the home when it is cold outside. Drape a woolen blanket across a bedroom. Use thick silk curtains on the windows for added coziness and a means of keeping the cold out at the same time.


Show Off All Spaces

Selling a home in the winter means that buyers tend to spend more time inside the house. As a home seller, you want to make every single corner of the home as welcome as possible. Winter makes it easy to create an overall decor plan for the house from attic to basement. It also makes it easy to add plenty of oomph outdoors as well. Begin with a welcome mat in a bright color. Decorate the outdoors of the home with evergreen trees and shrubs to add lasting color even in the middle of a snowstorm. Remove all clutter from the attic and basement. Set up a furniture grouping in the middle of the room so the buyer can picture themselves taking a nap on winter day or watching television in the basement with family and friends.


Adding Details

Other details really make a home shine in winter. Add more light at night with candles on the dining room table and in places like the mantelpiece. Add more shimmer and light to the home's interior with gold and silver accent pieces such as a gold tablecloth and a collection of silverware on the kitchen countertops. Showcase pleasing details in the home like a window seat or built-in bookcases. Throw some large pillows on the seat and add in winter related objects like cut glass paperweights that don't take up too much space. Bring winter greenery inside for added detail. Plants can add additional colors and make the home stand out in a buyer's mind. Put some holiday related prints on the wall. A cheery reference to the season reminds buyers of good times when they stroll through the home. Layer rugs on top of existing flooring. This is an easy way to reduce drafts and bring in additional details that bring personality to the home.


A well thought out winter home decor plan with lots of wonderfully cozy details will make buyers happy and lead to great offers.

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