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Garage door safety tips

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Garage door is one of the most dangerous things that is in your living premises. The fact that it is a moving thing makes it all the more difficult to handle. Many of the emergency cases in the hospital are due to the damage caused by a garage door. It is thus important that the door be used with utmost safety so as to make sure that no bodily harm is incurred. Here are some of the safety tips that can help you stay safe.


Safety sensors:

These are the sensors that are placed on the rails of the door. This is an automated way to keep you safe. The purpose of these sensors is to keep the door opened until there is a blockage that is a person or animal or any matter in between. In case of a blockage the door will open instead of closing even when you have pressed the close button. You can test it using any object on the rails and see whether it closes or not. If it does you need to call garage door repair Ottawa to fix the problem for you.



It has been a common case where the fingers of the worker get stuck in between the joints between panels which is pretty painful. This case is more common with kids rather than in adults but we all know that things like these do happen in hurry. Make it a common habit to keep your fingers to yourself when handling the garage door and teach the same to the kids in your home.


No children:

No child should be allowed to touch or get his hands on the remote that is used to control the garage door. It is already a dangerous task already without children getting involved. Keep the remote at a place which is not reachable by the children, a good place can be almost 5 feet higher.



The door of the garage is programmed to stop its movement if its movement is opposed. The garage door should stop moving down if you push it upwards and stop going up if you pull it downwards. If you try this and this doesn’t happen as it states then you will probably have to change the force settings according to yourself so that the door complies with the direction of your force.



Everything that is inspected stays in a good shape for a long time. If you have your garage door inspected regularly you will notice the wearing out of the cables or the springs. You should get them fixed so that the door doesn’t start malfunctioning and pose a threat to your physical well-being. One thing you should remember is that if there is a problem you mustn’t get your hands dirty with it rather get a professional to handle it.

Now that you know the basic tips that can keep you out of trouble we expect to have a little less cases of such in hospitals. Be safe!

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