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Commercial Landscape Trends in 2019

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 28 November 2018 07:39

It’s no secret that the professionals kickstart the landscaping trends for next year. Also, commercial landscapes often reflect the spirit of the local area unless the commercial business follows its own theme.

Expect landscaping trends of commercial landscapes to follow the trends of the local area except with a twist of decorative plants, and a touch of innovation.

How Community Benches are Effective on Commercial Landscapes

Commercial business owners searching for the best trends should consider a community bench for their landscape. Community benches invite customers to social areas to enjoy the scenic designs business owners have invested while resting and conversing. Ultimately, community benches are effective in creating a social connection between people and the local environment.

For larger landscape areas, go with a combination of community benches. Use the landscape to your advantage. If there are plethora of trees on the landscape, consider a multi-directional community bench design.

Smaller landscapes restrict commercial grade bench seating placement. However, it doesn’t restrict creativity. Marble and wood benches are elegant benches that give commercial landscapes a more majestic theme. But if you’re considering something more practical, invest in the classic design bench. Add your own flare to the commercial landscape with vibrant colors.

Drainage is Essential to Commercial Landscapes

Floor water control is a must for all landscapes. The weather is unpredictable, and it is crucial to remain proactive on the effect it can have on your landscape. Before installing plants or community benches, establish a drainage system on the landscape. Commercial landscapes are mostly concrete, asphalt, or wood. Most commercial landscapes have a drainage system already installed, but time has weathered its structure.

To supplement an already installed trench drain, use methods like rock ditch drainage and heavy ground covers on part of the landscape that’s not covered by a permanent surface like asphalt. For instance, install high volumes of mulch or river rocks in garden beds of commercial landscapes. If you’re able to install a French Drain system or gutters, do so at the earliest convenience. Consider looking into all the pros and cons of a french drain system vs. trench drains.

Garden Trends for Commercial Landscapes

When in doubt, select native plants. This trend will continue into 2019. Native plants are more efficient and absorb the conditions of the climate better than non-native plants. Landscapes that are likely to face heavy rains need rain gardens. Rain gardens are a combination of native plants and non-native plants that manage water and soil absorption effectively.

If there is a theme you want for a commercial landscape or if you have some more elaborate vision for your commercial landscape, consult a landscape professional.

What Other Trends Will You See in 2019?

Disasters have always shaped the way we approach our landscapes in residential and commercial. Professionals are likely to take a more innovative approach to lighting systems, irrigation, landscape construction, and minimizing damage from disasters. In addition, innovation has opened the door for more energy efficient technologies such as solar powered lighting.

Turf grasses are still the must have for commercial landscape lawns. They’re easy to manage and require minimal maintenance if properly cared for.

As we get closer to 2019, you’ll these trends come into fruition.

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