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How to Stage Your Home to Attract Buyers

Written by Posted On Thursday, 06 December 2018 01:04

The aesthetics of a house have a definite impact on how quickly it can sell. Buyers are often searching for an ideal home, rather than a subpar space to make do with. They have a criterion to meet, and it’s your job to meet it and tick every box on their list. If you don’t, you won’t have a sale on your hands!

Of course, property sales are at a sluggish pace throughout the UK, so it’s important to sell on your home as quickly as possible if you’re in the market. Consequently, your home must have flawless presentation so that you can attract the right buyers. Here’s how to achieve just that. 

Tidy Up

Before anything happens in the staging process, you need to tidy up the entire house. This process should go beyond some light hoovering and dusting. Your house should look as minimalist as possible, because this will help potential buyers better visualise what they can do with the space themselves.

If your home is cluttered, messy and littered with an overabundance of personal items, they may subconsciously feel that your personal stamp is too hard to remove from the property. 

After you’ve put many personal items away, consider other areas for improvement too. Would a fresh layer of paint on the wall’s spruce things up slightly? Have you made the beds? Do you have front or back gardens that need a bit of weeding or tidying up? Really try to clear everything up, as this will open the minds of potential buyers and give them more freedom to get creative.  

Modern Trends

When attracting buyers, you should try to cater to as many demographics as possible. As more younger people struggle to get on the property ladder today, you might think that there’s no point tailoring your home to modern trends. Still, they’re not the only ones who enjoy taking advantage of those kinds of aesthetics. People want to stay up to date with modern times, and this is partly reflected through the layout of the home space. 

Marble counters, bar stools and top of the line units all go a long way in making homes appeal to buyers. Throw in some designer sofas from Heal’s for the living room, and your home will communicate an air of style and sophistication for any who walk in. In any event, make sure your home is firmly decorated and outfitted for the present moment. This is far more appealing to the majority, as if your house is styled on more obsolete designs, you’ll attract a far thinner crowd. 

Emphasise Space 

No matter which way you arrange your rooms, you should always be accentuating an abundance of space. When potential buyers feel that they have room to explore and interact with the home on show, far better results will follow. Everything you’ve arranged should encourage them to go beyond just sheepishly peeking into different rooms from the doorway. 

In the end, they need to walk in and fully engage with everything around them. That confidence they have in the space may just communicate ‘homely feel’ to them, putting them into a state of relaxation and authority; two things everyone must easily experience in their own home. Nothing is off limits and everything is exactly where it belongs, and these sensations will rub off well on them. 

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