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Pools and Spas: Pros and Cons of Having Your Own

Written by Posted On Thursday, 06 December 2018 09:49

The pleasure derived from having your own pool and spa is undeniable. While the initial cost of a pool or spa can seem high, they can add to the value of your home as well as bring you joy and fun time spent with family and friends. The inviting cool, blue water in the middle of a hot summer; the bubbling warm comfort of therapeutic jets any time of the year—these are just a couple of ways a pool and spa can enrich your life. Check out some of the benefits of pool and spa ownership. 

Pro: Water Workouts

Exercising in water provides unique health benefits, particularly for those who are getting on in age, have arthritis or osteoporosis, are overweight or obese or may be recovering from injury. Due to the unique properties of water, buoyancy helps reduce the stress and weight on your joints during exercise. While this frees your physical movement, you still experience plenty of resistance. This helps you build and strengthen your muscles and endurance while having fun. Aquatic exercise is also a good choice if you don’t like the feeling of being sweaty. Since you’re in water, you’ll have the feeling of playing in a pool while reaping the benefits of doing cardio. Having a pool in your own backyard means having the luxury and freedom to exercise whenever you want.

Pro: Therapeutic Alternative

Besides staying cool in summer and warm in the winter, owning a pool and spa include refreshing therapeutic benefits unmatched by other means of relaxation and care. Water eases the pain of joints while it enables you to move and exercise with greater ease. A spa offers the hydrotherapy that improves circulation, massages sore muscles and reduces joint pain. After a long day, there are few ways that can beat the calming relaxation you can get in a spa or hot tub. Hot soaks and baths have been known to ease pain and stiffness in aching muscles and joints. While joint and muscle pain and stiffness is relieved, you can more freely move and exercise those areas and help prevent further pain and stiffness.

Con: Maintenance

Pools and spas require cleaning, chemicals and the occasional substance remover to keep motors, pumps, timers, filters, valves, lights and plumbing operating without interruption. Selecting a reliable pool and spa maintenance and repair company, like those at, to help keep you educated while maintaining your equipment is key to getting the most out of your pool and spa. This may seem like a hassle but having a professional come check your equipment regularly can help you stay in the water all year.

For example, if you live in Washington and enjoy a nice, cool swim during the warm summer afternoons and a long, hot soak in the cold winter evenings but don’t use a professional maintenance and repair service, that routine could be interrupted unexpectedly and may take a while to get up and running again. Contacting a WA spa and pool repair service now to look over and maintain your equipment throughout the year could help you avoid disaster and costly repairs in the future.

If you are reasonable in your decisions regarding the type of spa and pool you choose and use as much care in selecting a company to help you maintain them in top shape, you are well ahead of the game. You can expect to enjoy years of beneficial exercise and relaxation in comfort and ease.

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