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What You Should Know About Detroit's History Before Moving There

Written by Posted On Monday, 10 December 2018 11:43

Detroit has helped shape America in many ways. Situated in southeast Michigan along the Detroit River, this city has made numerous contributions in the areas of music, culture and transportation. Anyone who is considering buying a home in Detroit will likely be more inclined to move here after learning more about the city's contributions and fascinating history. Here are just some of the wonderful things that Detroit has given to the American people.


Legendary Music

Some of the greatest R&B, hip hop and techno hits have come out of Detroit. Motown, (originally Tamla Records), the famous record label started in 1959 by Berry Gordy Jr., produced iconic hits from Smokey Robinson, the Miracles, the Supremes and the Jackson 5. The city’s thriving music scene also helped launch the careers of Eminem, the White Stripes and the Romantics. Fans of the Belleville Three and other techno music acts can thank Detroit for cultivating their talents. The Clark Sisters, Della Reece and Cece and BeBe Winans are just a few of the Detroit-based gospel musicians who have won the world over with their inspiring songs.


A Thriving Automotive Industry

There is a good reason why Detroit is often referred to as “the Motor City.” The city has a history of producing some of the top American-made vehicles. Starting in the early 1900s, several American car makers opened manufacturing plants here. Notable car manufacturing companies that set up facilities in Detroit include General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford Motor Company. Much of the manufacturing took place at the Highland Park and River Rogue plants. After the automotive industry suffered a gradual decline beginning in the 1970s, it rebounded and reclaimed much of its former glory. According to the Detroit Regional Chamber, the state of Michigan is the leading supplier of vehicles in America with 2.1 million vehicles being manufactured alone in 2017, and most of these vehicles are still manufactured in Detroit. Some of the recent state-of-the-art vehicles to come out of Detroit include the Chrysler 300 and the Ford Focus.


Grand Architecture

People from outside the city are often surprised to learn that Detroit is sometimes referred to as the “Paris of the West” for its European-style architecture and layout. As Michigan Radio states, this designation is due in large part to German architect Louis Kamper, who designed many of the city’s buildings in the 1800s. Kamper’s first major project in the city was to design the French-style chateau home for automotive tycoon Frank Hecker. Since then, Detroit has seen the construction of other immaculate buildings such as One Detroit Center, the Cadillac Tower and the Cathedral Church of St. Paul. There's no doubt that many of the architectural styles of these buildings influenced the design of other important structures in the U.S.


Exquisite Artwork

The city is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful art pieces that have helped shape American and world cultures. Many of these pieces are housed inside the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum and include famous works from artists like Pablo Picasso, William-Adolphe Bouguereau and Rembrandt. An outdoor art installation that’s overseen by the Heidelberg Project reflects the city’s eclectic culture. The Spirit of Detroit is a famous sculpture located at the end of Woodward Avenue that depicts a sitting man holding the sun in one hand and a small family in the other.



Detroit has made many positive contributions to American society and will likely continue to do so for many years. Buying one of the premier homes in Detroit will be an excellent investment for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in all of the wonderful things that the city has to offer.

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