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5 Compelling Reasons to Move to a Sunny Location

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 11 December 2018 08:30
5 Compelling Reasons to Move to a Sunny Location Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

Are you thinking of upping sticks and moving to the sunniest place you can find? We all daydream about moving to a sunny paradise during the depths of winter, but is it smart to make those dreams a reality? In many cases, yes. Keep reading for five compelling reasons to move to that sunny state you’ve always loved.

1. You’ll Enjoy a Mood Boost

Most of us feel a little down when it’s dark and cold, and for some, it’s even more serious. A condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can make you feel uncharacteristically depressed during certain seasons -- usually winter. So, whether you suffer from SAD or just like being able to get out in the sunshine, moving to a sunnier place is a great way to improve your mood all year round.

2. You Can Install Solar Panels and Save Money

Lots of sunshine means that solar panels are a really smart way to save money on your electricity. While you might worry about not getting a return on your investment in places with bad weather, moving somewhere sunny means you’re guaranteed to make some good savings. You’ll also find more houses for sale with solar panels already installed. Moving to a sunny place is ideal if you want to help the environment -- and your bank balance.

3. You’ll Benefit from Local Tourist Attractions

Sunny spots are usually popular with tourists, which means there’ll be lots of high-quality facilities and fun attractions. You’ll be able to enjoy theme parks, beaches, outdoor sports, community events, and more. Moving to a tourist spot might have some downsides during the busy season, but it also guarantees that there’s lots of fun stuff to do. Tourism can also help create jobs in the local area, ideal if you’re looking for employment.

4. You’ll Be Able to Enjoy Year-Round Activities

Do you live in a place where half of your favorite sports can only take place during the summer? Moving to a sunny place means you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor activities all year round. This helps you to stay fit, make friends, and feel happier. Say goodbye to sitting indoors dreaming about summer for half of the year.

5. You’ll Get to Spend More Time Outdoors

Spending time in the great outdoors is proven to be great for both mental and physical health. Whether you’re flying solo and want to get out and meet new friends or you have a huge family and want your kids to enjoy time in nature, moving to a sunny place makes it all possible.

So, if you’re passionate about the outdoors and you love sunshine, moving to a sunny place could make sense. Financially, you’ll benefit from tourism and the ability to use solar power. Personally, you should feel happier, healthier, and more enthusiastic about life.

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