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Important Features to Look For In a Help Desk Software

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 18 December 2018 01:11

The success of a business depends on the satisfaction of the customers. Without proper channels to manage your customers’ issues and queries you can never build a consumer base for your business. A Help Desk Software will make your customer support services stronger and easier to manage.

Help desk software supports several channels like emails, live chats, social media etc. to promote your business and offer services to clients. On the digital platform, you can direct more customers to your help desk services through your affiliates. You can track your affiliate links with an Affiliate Tracking Software to know how many potential customers came to know about your business and opted for the help desk to inquire about the products.

There are certain features that you should always look for in help desk software before implementing it for your business. Here we present some them.

  • Ticketing system management

Automation for ticketing is a must have for any help desk software. It will record customer complaints as tickets and track them until resolution. It should also allow you to view the ticket status and convert emails into tickets easily.

  • Knowledge-base capacity and access capability

A help desk software should be able to host the knowledge base and enable the users to access them during operations. The agents handling customer affairs should be able to access the knowledge base to provide product information to customers. Also, customers should be able to access FAQs themselves to get their queries resolved.

  • Collaboration tools

A good help desk software will allow collaboration between agents to solve a complicated ticket. It should also allow collaboration between departments to get issues resolved with different resources. I may allow collaborations with customers as well for special cases.

  • Customization tools

A help desk software should have proper customization tools to manage responses, customize ticket status and modify the interface. You should be able to change your responses according to tickets so that customers do not get only generic responses.

  • Compatibility with emails along with other channels

A help desk software should support emails and other support channels equally well. Compatibility with emails is especially necessary as it forms the main communication channel between the support service and customers.

  • SLA information

SLA or Service Level Agreement information by help desk software lets the agents prioritize the tickets based on urgency.

  • Easy to use interface

A good help desk software should be user-friendly. Employees and customers with minimum technical knowledge should also be able to use the interface without much hassle. An easy to use interface will be convenient for customers and can result in good turnovers.

  • Support all locations

The help desk software for your business should provide support for all regions after a single installation. It should not be affected by geographical, language and time differences.

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