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How to Remove Paint from Wood Garage Door

Written by Posted On Thursday, 27 December 2018 08:35

When your garage door is exposed to elements such as the rain and sun, it can damage the paint on the exterior part of the door. Keep in mind that the moisture can cause the material to peel, which can blister the paint. The most common problem to this is using improper painting techniques that can make the results appear scaly and unpleasant. If you have a wooden garage door that is coded with old paint, that can make your door look quite unappealing. This article will show you how to remove paint from wood garage door. This will allow you to put a fresh new coat of paint to make it shine again.

How to Remove Paint from Wood Garage Door - Prevent the Risk of Damage

Step 1

The first step is to spray the garage door with water from a hose to wash away any dirt and debris. Then use a nylon scrub brush to remove all the dirt. Afterward, allow the garage door to air dry on its own.

Step 2

Make sure to leave a plastic tarp at the base of the door to catch any chipped or dripped paint.

Step 3

Scrape off any loose paint or chips.

Step 4

Afterward, use a 30 grit sandpaper to sand the garage door in order to remove any remaining paint. The best thing to do is to rub back-and-forth following the grain.

Step 5

Then use the 60 grit sandpaper to smooth the surface and remove any unpleasant scratches.

Step 6

The last step is to spray the door with a garden hose to get rid of any dust particle, then allow it to dry completely.

Repaint the Garage Door

Once your garage door is dry, you can carefully observe your door to see what kind of color you want. In fact, you can take a picture of the garage door and house, and bring it to any home goods store. At the store, you can ask for a representative to recommend an appealing color that fits well with your exterior home decor. Once you pick the right color and the paint, it’s time to do some serious painting to make your garage door new again. The best thing to do is to apply your first coat of paint, let it dry, then apply a second coat. Make sure pets and young children are not around because the paint can be toxic to them if they were to ingest it.


Rain and extremely hot weather can ruin a paint job. If your garage door looks aesthetically unappealing, then that can appall your guest when they come over to your house. When this happens, it’s important to find the right strategy to remove the paint. After you remove the paint, then you would have to find the perfect color that matches your house and repaint. After repainting your house, you can stand back and enjoy the results of your hard work. It is true that a wooden garage door does require painting and repainting, but at the end it’s worth it. This is mainly because you can pick and choose any color that you want. With the right tools and knowledge of how to remove paint from wood garage door, you should be able to successfully remove all the old paint in no time like a pro such as the garage experts at Cedar Park Garage Doors.

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