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Some Beautiful Roof Styles

Written by Posted On Friday, 11 January 2019 02:55

Do you know there is this one thing that can change the entire look of your house? You just need to pay attention to this one thing and it will make your house wow. Yes, it is the roof. Your roof is the one thing that presents your entire house, so you need to make sure that your roof is properly built and has a good shape.

There are many styles of roofs that are very common now and can be seen everywhere; like a mansard, gable, hip and many more. But there still are some roof styles that are fairly new, and they also look beautiful. If built properly, these roof styles will not need any maintenance for years. To make sure that your roof is being properly built, you have to find the best Ann Arbor roofing contractors.

If you are in the middle of building your new house, or if you are looking for some new roof ideas to renovate your house; here are some beautiful roof styles that will fit perfectly for your new roof. You will also find their pros and cons just, so you know that are you are investing on the right roof style. 


Catslide Roof

If you like Gable roof style and are looking for something similar and new, a catslide roof is perfect for you. A catslide roof is very similar to a gable roof, but it has something different. A catslide roof has two sides and one of its sides extends beyond the eaves of your house. This side makes your roof different from gable roof and also makes your house look beautiful and unique.

One of the main pros of a catslide roof is they make your house look bigger without taking any extra roof space. You also won’t have any water or snow build up. As for the cons, the catslide roofs will be a little heavy on your pockets.


Gambrel Roof

The gambrel roof is a two-sided roof with slopes on each side. The upper slope is shallow, whereas the lower slope is steeper. A gambrel roof is similar to mansard roofs, but gambrel is more attractive to look at and is also a new roofing style.

Gambrel roof will provide extra storage, so you can also add dormer window to your roof. If not built properly, a gambrel roof will need maintenance every now and then. 


Combination Roof

If you are not satisfied with any of the roof styles, it is time to show your own creativity with your roof. Yes, you can design your own roof by selecting any two roofs and combining them together. You can choose one main roof and another roof as a sub-roof. It will not only make your house look beautiful but different from others too. The biggest pro you will get is that your house will look very unique and you will get the chance to show your creative side. As for the cons, it might be a little expensive to build.

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