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Pros and Cons of Refurbished Phone

Written by Posted On Friday, 11 January 2019 04:14

With every passing day, there are new, spectacular phones being manufactured, and many phones are lined up to be introduced in the future. This is the reason that buying a new phone has become difficult to take a decision. Another reason is the whopping prices of the new phones which make us restrict our choices as per the budget. These factors together have convinced many among the people to buy refurbished phones, instead of getting a brand new one. If you are thinking about getting one too, then this article will help you explore the pros and cons of refurbished phones, starting with what a refurbished phone really is, so you can make a decision for yourself.

Refurbished Phone: What Does That Mean?

A used iPhone and a refurbished iPhone in the UK market are very commonly interchangeable. However, a refurbished phone is nothing like your ordinary pre-owned phone.

The user often returns the phone for a number of reasons. It is then checked for any defects and then fixed to make sure they are up to the standard. After it is made new-like, it is sold to you. This way you buy a refurbished phone as good as a new one, at very less price than original.

Now that we know what a refurbished phone is, let us look at the pros and cons of buying one.

Pros Of Buying A Refurbished Phone

Most of the people these days prefer to buy refurbished iPhone in the UK. Whether it is because their phone has been broken, stolen, or they are simply looking for an alternative phone, the trend is gaining value with the passage of time. Here is what you should know in order to opt for buying refurbished phones.

It Is Economical 

The first and foremost reason that anyone opts for a refurbished iPhone in the UK is the reasonable price. Prices of smartphones are increasing day by day beyond a common man’s reach.

The price of a refurbished phone is much lower than that of their brand-new equivalents. However, they are every bit as good as a new phone.

It is especially very ideal when you are low at pocket but at the same time in the greatest need of having some good phone. If your phone has gone mad in functioning properly or you happened to lose it as a result of theft, such sudden incidents often turn on trouble for you to buy a cell in urgency. But in these cases, there are solutions with which you can have a good phone without burdening your pocket. In order to buy a good phone at reasonable rates, you can easily get a refurbished iPhone in the UK.

It Has Been Fixed 

If you want to by a refurbished iPhone in the UK, you should know the difference between a refurbished and used phones. There are pre-owned phones that are sold as they are received. Those are the phone that we usually refer to as “used” phones. They are not the same as the refurbished phones.

As per the aforementioned details, refurbished phones are checked thoroughly for any kinds of faults. If any, all the faults are fixed first, for example changing the cracked screen, replacing the knobs, etc. Apart from that, before these phones to be displayed in the market for you to buy a refurbished phone, extensive testing is being carried out for these phones so that quality can be assured as per customer’s satisfaction.


Just like that of a new smartphone, you get a warranty when you buy a refurbished phone as well. This is a way to guarantee you with the quality of the phone for peace of mind if you are opting for a refurbished phone for the first time.

However, a refurbished iPhone isn’t exactly a new due to which its warranty is comparatively shorter. But it can let you have a safe good time with your new like refurbished phone.

Easy To Upgrade

Another great thing about this is that you can easily upgrade a refurbished phone. It makes the user stay hand in hand with the latest technology without planning to have new phone with upgraded technology.

Cons Of Refurbished Phones 

There are a lot of benefits you can have when you buy a refurbished phone, but it has some of the disadvantages as well as enlisted below:

Not The Latest Model 

If you want the most recent model of mobile phone, then it will either take too much time for you to go with the option of buying a refurbished phone or will have to disturb your pocket in order to grab the new set with the latest model. It takes time for the refurbished phones to hit the market, even up to few weeks to several months.

There can be some new features introduced in the next model that you wouldn’t be able to get in the refurbished version of the phone.

You Can’t Get Insurance

There might be some insurers who may cover the refurbished phones, but that is not the real usual case. Unless and until you get insurance as the part of your deal, getting insurance for refurbished iPhone in the UK may be hard for you.

Shorter Warranty 

You do get a warranty when you buy a refurbished phone, but it is much shorter than you might like. You may need the warranty after it has already expired, which is commonly up to 90 days.

It is usually ample to decide whether you are content with the phone that you have or not. But there is no guarantee that there will be no problem after the expiry of warranty.

Things You Should Consider

Everything always has some pros and cons with it and so is when you are willing to buy refurbished phones. There is no guarantee that you will get the best piece out there, but that guarantee doesn’t come with a brand-new phone as well.

In fact, as per recent research, refurbished phones have lower defects rate than that of new smartphones because they have already been thoroughly checked, fixed and then tested before they are sold.

It may or may not be a bad idea to get a refurbished iPhone in the UK, but you wouldn’t find out unless you try it for yourself. Consider the pros and cons stated in this article and if you decide to get one then check out our website for some cool collection of refurbished gadgets for which we ensure you the quality and comfort after using it throughout.

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